Liphatech offers its Maki Blocks in two forms, making it suitable for all potential use cases.

Maki Blocks are available in two formats, Maki Wrapped and Maki Original, to minimise waste and maximise your profit.

Maki Blocks contain bromadiolone at 50ppm, a single-feed anticoagulant discovered and developed by Liphatech. Bromadiolone is very effective against the three rodent species targeted in professional pest control (roof rat, Norway rat and house mouse), 2-3g is enough to provide a lethal dose to rats and 0.2-0.3g for mice. That represents around 10-15% of both their daily consumption.

Maki Original. A cost effective bait that remains palatable and fresh, reducing wastage and increasing profitability

Maki Blocks are ideally suited for maintenance programs. Liphatech’s extrusion formulation process ensures that Maki Blocks are highly palatable and weather-resistant. A green dye is added to the formulation to easily track consumption in rodent droppings.

Both Maki Original and Maki Wrapped are the same formulation, so when and where should you use one or the other, or both?

Maki Original is your everyday rodent bait. The 20g blocks fit perfectly in your commercial maintenance program. Its small size provides more baiting points than other bromadiolone baits, and its weatherability delivers an effective control over a longer period of time.

Maki Original is very cost effective. As baits remain palatable and fresh, you reduce wastage and increase your profitability.

“I would always recommend Maki Original on commercial maintenance programs where sites are visited less than once every month,” said Romain Broch, technical sales representative Liphatech.

“Indeed in those situations, rodent activity is usually very low. Therefore, rodents might not visit bait stations for weeks after you lay the baits. However, you want to make sure that those baits remains attractive even after a month, so when rodent activity picks up, rats and mice actively go into bait stations. Maki Original does that perfectly, even in very damp areas where other baits would just go mouldy or stale.”

Weather is not the only factor likely to erode your profit. Rodent blocks are also attractive to insects like crickets and cockroaches, as well as slugs and snails. Depending on your bait station locations, baits you laid might only last a few days, leaving a gap in your rodent program.

Maki Wrapped is a ready-to-use block wrapped in a plastic sachet. It will protect the bait from attack by other pests. It will also keep the baits fresher when stored.

When secured in bait stations rodents will eat through the plastic wrapper. It is interesting to note that rats usually create a big hole in the sachet while mice feed through numerous small holes. This can be helpful if you are unsure of which species are present on site.

Maki Wrapped. Rats have eaten through the plastic barrier and fed on the bait

One of other benefit of Maki Wrapped is that important information such as the active ingredient and the APVMA number are written on the sachet, making on-site date recording very easy. It also improves stewardship, for instance, if a bait accidentally ends up out of a bait station. In this situation, even a non-professional can easily identify Maki Wrapped as rodent bait, and discard it without touching it (bait being wrapped in the plastic sachet).

Maki Original and Maki Wrapped can be used alone or together depending of the site treated. Both Maki are made of the same formulation and can be used with the same paperwork, so it saves the hassle of updating/printing different MSDS, labels, etc.

“As a guideline, we would recommend using Maki Original as your primary maintenance bait and combine it with Maki Wrapped for locations often targeted by insects, slugs or areas that are washed thoroughly,” added Mr Broch.

Maki Original (7.5kg bucket, 375 baits) and Maki Wrapped (5.5kg bucket, 275 baits) from Liphatech are available through your local distributor. Ask for it at your nearest branch or contact Romain Broch.

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