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Pest managers have a new choice of rodent bait following the launch of Resolv Soft Bait by Liphatech.

Liphatech has announced the launch of its latest soft bait innovation – Resolv Soft Bait – here in Australia. Already sought after by pest managers in the US and Europe, the soft bait offers Australian professional pest managers a new choice for their baiting needs.

Resolv Soft Bait was developed after Liphatech recognised the need for a bromadiolone bait with increased palatability. The wax-free bait combines a mixture of food-grade milled grain and vegetable oil with the popular active ingredient bromadiolone – the most widely used second-generation anticoagulant in the global market – which was discovered by Liphatech in early 1970s.

Liphatech palatability eld trials under tough conditions with strong competing food sources demonstrated that Resolv Soft Bait was always preferred to conventional wax blocks. Over a four-week trial period, an average of 88-98% of Resolv Soft Bait was eaten, compared to between 2-12% of traditional wax blocks.

“Liphatech are ‘The Soft Bait Innovators’, and pest managers now have a bromadiolone soft bait for maintenance programs. Resolv single-feed soft bait provides a quick knockdown and has been used and trusted by pest managers in Europe and the US for several years, so we are excited to be bringing Resolv to the Australian market,” said Gavin Wilson, technical and marketing manager of Australia and New Zealand for Liphatech.

“Due to its palatability and low cost per bait placement, we believe Resolv Soft Bait will become a preferred choice of bait for maintenance programs and for the budget-minded. Additionally, pest managers that rely on bromadiolone as their rodenticide active ingredient now have a highly palatable soft bait option. In comparison with traditional wax block baits, Resolv soft bait is very palatable, creates less wastage and is easily secured on a horizontal or vertical rod in bait stations, which inhibits crumbling and translocation issues.”

Suitable for use in both residential or commercial premises, the bait is packaged in 10g sachets inside a 5.5kg bucket. “With 550 bait placements per bucket, Resolv will drive your dollar further and allow for more a flexible baiting strategy. It is a great option for pest managers looking for a cost-effective maintenance bait,” added Mr Wilson.

Resolv Soft Bait is available from all major pest distributors throughout Australia.