In this issue of Termites in Action we’re treated to some images of ‘termite snow’ as well as some interesting goings on around a barbecue in QLD!

Termite snow

Returning to their home after an extended absence, a concerned homeowner called Doug McCartin, from Pest Brigade in Melbourne, to investigate a potential termite problem. With piles of alate wings several centimetres deep, methinks the owner had been away to long!

Roof nesting species

Dan Purkis, from Dan Purkis Pest Control on the Gold Coast, picked up this Nasutitermes nest in a roof void. Just confirms you need to take time to inspect roof voids and if you can’t access all areas, arrange an invasive inspection for areas of suspicion. Good work!

Removal of roof sheeting reveals the nest

Throw a Copto on the barbie?

Tim Smith from Amalgamated Pest Control in Gatton, QLD, sent in these photos taken by one of their technicians, Michael Jurd, on his property at Laidley, QLD. This old termite mound made the perfect BBQ – cooking on the hot plate and in the coals – the mound held heat for over 72 hours!

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