James Farmer explains the change of identity for NMIT, which is now known as Melbourne Polytechnic. 

As you may be aware, on October 2, 2014, we announced an exciting step in our journey to reposition NMIT and Melbourne Polytechnic in the fast-changing local and global education marketplace.

The Premier of Victoria, Dr Denis Napthine, confirmed that NMIT (Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE) was successful in securing the $19 million in TAFE Structural Adjustment Fund (TSAF) funding we applied for. As a result, we are moving forward on five strategic initiatives.

These initiatives are:

  • Organisational restructure (already in progress)
  • Implementation of more advanced systems and processes
  • Implementation of a single brand strategy
  • Divestment of surplus assets and more effective utilisation of retained assets
  • Revitalising the student experience plus enhanced learning initiatives.

As part of this announcement, we unveiled our new Melbourne Polytechnic logo, the cornerstone of our single brand strategy.

This change to our brand better reflects our contemporary offering and our ability to offer pathways between vocational and higher education. It is a step towards a simpler articulation of the great value we offer our students and our community.

The Melbourne Polytechnic name and new visual identity will take effect immediately, although the full changeover of signage, stationery and the like will take some months to complete.

It is important to note that during this transition period, and into the future, we will continue to deliver the same high quality vocational education that has been the hallmark of NMIT for over a century.

We look forward to working with all members of our community, on local, state and national levels, during the exciting and formative times ahead.

‘Rule your world’ may be new words, but they reflect our long heritage of equipping our students to do exactly that. As such we are proud to inform you that we will continue to support the pest management industry with the most appropriate training for your purposes.

We would like you to know that we still deliver the course as an evening course once a week (2015 on a Tuesday evening) and as a block course, four weeks per course each semester, or twice a year depending on numbers. You are still able to undertake the course units any way that you like, such as certain parts of the course or the complete course.

Please contact us about this course at any time or apply online to the new Melbourne Polytechnic website and click on the link ‘apply now’.

James Farmer, Head of Department Primary Industries, Melbourne Polytechnic

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