New Termite Book Released

A new book focusing on the Formosan termite promises to be a relevant read for pest managers in Australia due its deep dive into Coptotermes‘ biology and behaviour.

New books on termites don’t come along very often, so the recently released Biology and Management of the Formosan Subterranean Termite and Related Species is a welcome addition to the pest control industry ‘library’.

Although very much focused on the Formosan termite, Coptotermes formosanus, the book contains lots of useful termite information for Australian pest managers. The book covers the species’ biology, ecology, foraging behaviour, physiology, chemical ecology and its association with symbionts, much of which is relevant to other Coptotermes species. From a management point of view there is also a significant focus on termite control techniques.

Edited by Professor Nan-Yao Su, Distinguished Professor from the University of Florida (who was integral in the development of termite baits) and Professor Chow-Yang Lee, from the University of California (a contributor to Termite Professional magazine), this is a high quality publication outlining the latest understanding. Sections of the book have been authored by Assoc. Prof. Thomas Chouvenc, also a contributor to Termite Professional magazine and known to some readers as one of the keynote speakers at the inaugural Termite Professional Conference.

Readers can access a 25% discount by entering the code CCAUTH25 when ordering through CABI. However, it will be available through some online Australian bookstores, so check for the best pricing/exchange rates. A full review of the book will be published in a future issue of the magazine.

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