Shane Rich, Training Manager at MPL, shares an update on the recent improvements at MPL’s Brisbane site.

Over the past three years MPL Training has expanded to offer two dedicated training centres with a third looking to be added in Melbourne in the very near future. The one thing that our CEO and owner Dr Deling Ma has brought to the company is an unrivalled passion in wanting to be the best at what we do. He is always pushing for the team and our facilities to be better. This is why our Brisbane training centre in Archerfield has had a recent upgrade.

Our Brisbane office, which started out as just a classroom, has now been transformed to offer a complete learning experience. Upstairs at the facility, we have invested in recreating an authentic commercial and residential setup where students are asked to identify various risks, inspection routines, and treatment procedures involving non-chemical and chemical solutions. We have created scenarios that are as close as possible to the real thing, which best suits the students’ needs.


A commercial kitchen setup allows for practical, hands-on learning experience


Another feature of our Brisbane facility are the displays. We have a wide variety of items that explain the basic anatomy of insects, including examples of termite colonies and timber pest damage. But the main focus point is the MPL ‘Bug Bar’. Made entirely out of locally sourced timbers collected from sites where various timber pest activity has been found, the bar is unique to say the least. We have even been lucky enough to have discovered live larvae, which has now been added to our ever-growing specimen collection!


Examples of real-life timber damage are displayed for students


At the other end of the Brisbane facility is our main stage area. Now that normal life is starting to resume, we intend on holding seminars here where international guests and local industry experts will be invited to come along and share their experiences. In the past, some pest managers voiced some concern about sharing technical information. But thanks to social media, these days it appears that the industry is less divided, there is more togetherness. Pest managers are happy to help those in need.

As we are all aware, trying to acquire and retain new staff is difficult. In my humble opinion, the more pest managers that can come together and share their knowledge and experiences, forming a more tight-knit group, can only make this industry one that newcomers will want to become involved in.

We hope to see you all in June at Pesticon on the Gold Coast.


Shane Rich, NSW Training Manager, MPL Training

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