CodeMark-certified Greenzone Termite and Insect Repellent Barrier is an easy solution for finishing construction joints for infill tilt slabs.

One area of pre-construction that commonly provides challenges to pest managers is construction joints for infill tilt slabs.

Builders often install their own expansion joint foam, not realising it will need to be removed in order for typical termite sheet barrier products to be installed.

But a new Australian innovation is solving this issue, acting as both a termite barrier and an expansion joint foam.

Greenzone Termite and Insect Repellent Barrier combines a compressible foam substrate with bifenthrin – a commonly used termiticide – eliminating the need to install two products (an expansion foam and a termite barrier) to various elements of construction, meaning that a typical multi-stage process is reduced to a single step. And being a self-adhesive product, it is simple and quick to install, without the need for any specialist tools. There are no clips, clamps, ties or concrete nails required.

Rod Walker, pre-construction technical manager with Flick Anticimex, has successfully installed Greenzone in both commercial and residential sites.

Greenzone used in a construction joint in a slab for a residential project

“These installations included infill slab against both masonry block walls or concrete tilt panels,” Mr Walker said. “Because it’s both a termite management system and a compressible expansion foam commonly used by concreters, Greenzone is being readily accepted by builders as a product that satisfies two needs and is cost effective. And because of this, we’ve incorporated Greenzone as the go to product when we know that concrete driveways or pathways are going to impact on the minimum inspection zone requirements.”

Another early adopter of Greenzone, Gary Ashford from Dandenong Pest Control in Victoria, has found similar benefits with the product.

“It’s easy to apply, requiring only one technician,” Mr Ashford said. “I’ve used Greenzone everywhere, from domestic residences right through to industrial worksites. Infill slabs are where Greenzone shines, as it doubles up as termite protection and Ableflex for expansion joints.”

Greenzone is suitable for use on all types of construction and is applied in three ways: around service penetrations; in expansion and contraction joints; and in concrete infill slab joints.

The most common use includes the protection of infill garages, basement carparks, external perimeters, home extensions, service penetrations and large construction projects where infill slabs and multiple slab pours are required.

Greenzone Termite and Insect Repellent Barrier is CodeMark certified, which means it fully complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) as a pre-construction termite management system. And with the recent changes to Australian Standards AS3660, which enforces restrictions on chemical sprays in concealed areas, Greenzone provides pest managers with an alternative solution.

Because Greenzone is a chemically impregnated termite barrier, it needs to be installed by licensed pest managers. Those wanting to join the 270 pest managers already accredited to install Greenzone, can visit the Greenzone website for more information.

Once accredited, pest mabagers can purchase Greenzone from leading Australian pest control distributors Agserv, Garrards and Globe.

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