Daryle Swarz from Bayer’s Professional Pest Management division outlines the benefits of using Kordon, Bayer’s homegrown termite barrier system.

Bayer has developed an industry-leading solution for termite protection, with the Kordon Termite Barrier used extensively across Australia to protect homes. Kordon Termite Barrier contains deltamethrin, an effective active ingredient that not only kills termites on contact, but is also a powerful termite repellent. Kordon was developed in Australia and is proudly manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia. Importantly, Kordon is licensed and endorsed by ‘Australian Made’.

With the significant termite threat in Australia, government building authorities demand protection of new buildings during construction to manage the risk to conventional cellulose based structural materials. The Building Code of Australia calls for protection of all structures that utilise termite susceptible materials in their design.

Kordon is Codemark Certified, and when installed correctly during construction by our specialist installation network, the material is compressed between two building elements in such a way that it forms an impenetrable barrier to subterranean termites moving between the soil and the cellulose based building elements. This forces the termites to build mud shelter tubes in the open to move around the barrier. By instigating a regime of programmed regular inspections by a qualified timber pest inspector, Kordon will continue to provide protection against concealed subterranean termite entry for the life of the building.

Exposure trials conducted by CSIRO Ecosystem Science (previously known as CSIRO Division of Entomology) has proven the effectiveness of Kordon Termite Barrier over 25 years.

The active ingredient in Kordon, deltamethrin, is lethal to termites, making it an excellent termite repellent. The CSIRO trials used various levels of deltamethrin and a total of 125 samples were used. CSIRO commenced the trials back in 1989 and each year examinations have been conducted to determine any termite damage to the test timber and unprotected wood billets. After a 25-year period, none of the samples with a normal level of deltamethrin in the Kordon were penetrated by termites.

The CSIRO trial results prove Kordon Termite Barrier is effective for a minimum of 25 years under high termite pressure. Using extrapolated data techniques, Kordon can be expected to work for the life of the structure (60+ years). Kordon is the only product of its type to have been subjected to such long term and intensive in-field trials. There is a high margin of safety, as even product containing a low loading of deltamethrin has been proven to protect timber.

Importantly, Kordon has demonstrated its performance in all locations in Australia, for all types of termites and all types of climatic conditions. It satisfies all the sections of the BCA (Building Codes Australia) that are relevant to termite management systems. There is no risk of rejection by a building certifier due to any uncertainty about which part of the BCA is satisfied.

Our customers value the high quality and consistency of Kordon and Bayer is continually receiving excellent customer feedback.

Danny Burgess, director of Capital Pest Management is a loyal Kordon customer. Mr Burgess commented that Kordon Termite Barrier is the only product that his company will install. He said that they have exclusively been installing Kordon Termite Barrier for more than 12 years and have a 100% success rate.

Mr Burgess continued, “One of the reasons that we exclusively use Kordon Termite Barrier is because of the extensive trials that Kordon Termite Barrier was put through long before it was released onto the market. We were privy to that trial data information from the early stages and it was very impressive. Also, the incredible back up support that we and our clients have always received from the Kordon team at Bayer has been second to none, whether it was over the phone or hands on support in the field.

“I honestly can’t see why anyone would consider using any product other than Kordon Termite Barrier. If installed correctly and the client follows all of the recommendations, it will protect people’s homes from termites long after I am gone.”

Daryle SwarzMarket Manager, Professional Pest Management, Bayer

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