Globe Pest Solutions has grown over the last four decades to become one of the major distributors of pest control products and equipment in Australia. 

Pest managers know the importance of good advice and being able to obtain the products they need, easily and conveniently. Time is money, and pest managers don’t want to waste either. That’s why Globe Australia has become the preferred partner for a growing number of pest managers around Australia.

Globe Australia was established more than 40 years ago when the pest management arm was established alongside their original turf management business. Back then they had just a few staff and branches, a contrast to the Australia wide company and growing organisation that it is today.

Globe Pest Solutions Melbourne circa 1993

Sean Fleming, manager of the Tullamarine branch in Melbourne (branch pictured above) is one staff member who has witnessed much of the growth in Globe Australia. Mr Fleming started working with Globe 22 years ago and is a licensed pest controller himself.

“Globe Australia has grown steadily over the years and continues to grow for a very simple reason. We have a great team of well-trained, industry experienced staff, most of whom themselves are qualified pest managers,” said Mr Fleming.

“We assist our clients by not only selecting the most suitable products for pest reduction and minimisation – but also consistently recommending forward thinking solutions for ongoing pest management and control. That’s why our customers keep coming back to us!

“We value the working relationship we have with our pest manager clients and support this philosophy with product quality, reliable service, as well as the ability to stock and supply a wide range of products.”

Over the years, Mr Fleming has seen a lot of changes in the pest management industry and can see that there are a lot more yet to come. “What we see now is a more diverse range of individuals and companies entering the marketplace.

On top of that, there is a greater range of product options available, along with more technical and specialised direct control methods targeting specific types of pests.

“In addition, the pest management industry is developing new technological solutions to improve service efficiency. Smartphone apps to identify pests, mobile communication technologies that bring real-time technical support and greater information management for customers, are all progressing at a fast pace and are developments we support.

“The landscape is much more competitive these days, not only for us, but also for pest managers. However, we see this as an opportunity because we have the quality staff, knowledge, branch network and industry linkages that will carry us and our customers into the future,” he concluded.

Globe Australia has an extensive network of branches throughout Australia. There are branches in every mainland state capital city as well as Townsville, Newcastle and the Gold Coast.

“We now have two branches in Sydney, one at Wetherill Park and another at Padstow,” said Kevin Parsons, client manager for Globe Australia and Padstow branch manager. “These branches were recently established and were custom designed for the purpose of efficiently servicing our pest manager customers. For example, each branch has a dedicated training room and showroom.

Globe Melbourne warehouse

“The branches are strategically located to make it quicker and easier for pest managers to drop in, pick up product, seek advice from our staff, or attend one of the training sessions that we regularly run.

“It also means that pest managers don’t need to hold large amounts of stock. The branches are conveniently located near major motorways making it easier for pest managers to just pop in, have a chat, and pick up what they need.”

Mr Parsons believes that pest and product information is a key requirement for pest managers. “In this business, good technical knowledge gives pest managers an edge over their competitors and builds confidence with their consumer customers. It also means that pest managers can complete jobs safely and properly to minimise call backs.”

With this in mind, Globe have developed a ‘Knowledge Centre’ where pest managers can access up to date, detailed information on a wide range of pests, either online or in hard copy.

“The knowledge centre concept has been well received by pest managers and complements the pest manager training we conduct in the branches. What makes it all the more valuable is that the training is carried out by highly experienced staff such as Garry English and Brett Black, in addition to myself.

“Between the three of us we have over 100 years of pest management experience!” added Mr Parsons.

Globe Australia is part of the larger Amgrow Group, which means they are a well-resourced company. “The advantage of being in a larger group means we can stock a wide range of products and brands. So when pest managers visit our branches, they can be confident they can pick up the stock they need – on the spot. Being part of a large group also means we can invest in staff and product development, as well as new branches and facilities.

“At Globe, our aim is to maximise the success and profitability of our pest manager customers. We do this by providing great service, great technical information and convenience,” concluded Mr Parsons.

With their customer focused mindset and staff, it is no surprise that Globe Australia continues to grow.

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