Sydney pest manager Michael Michael of Drop Dead Pest Control shares his experience of using Fury Insecticide. 

After only a few months following its release, new Fury 120 SC General Household Insecticide is making a big impact on the Australian pest management market.

Being a unique combination of alpha-cypermethrin and bifenthrin, Fury provides both rapid knockdown and strong residual control of a wide range of general household insect pests.

“The feedback from pest managers that have used the product has been very positive,” said Chris Hill, national sales manager for FMC. “Pest managers really appreciate the combination of quick knockdown and the long residual control that Fury provides. There has been great acceptance of the product at the recent Garrards Roadshows and Agserv Pestech meetings.

“We’ve had some great feedback from pest managers at the trade shows who have already used Fury. They are more than happy with the results achieved and will continue to use the product.”

One pest manager who has used Fury with great results is Michael Michael of Drop Dead Pest Control in Sydney (pictured above). Mr Michael said, “I recently treated a rental property with a heavy cockroach infestation. I was very happy with the results as there was a quick knockdown of the cockroaches, which took immediate control of the infestation resulting in a very satisfied customer.”

Mr Hill added that the robust residual control provided by Fury is a major benefit. “Strong residual control is critical in avoiding call backs. Some of the general insecticide products that are currently on the market just don’t provide sufficient residual control. This applies to some of the newly developed products that many pest managers have expressed disappointment with.

“Our trial results support the comments from pest managers. The superior residual nature of Fury is due to the combined activity of the two insecticides and the fact that they are not as soluble as some of the other active ingredients currently used in the market. Fury is longer lasting as the residues are not easily broken down.”

Fury is registered for use on 11 general household pests in both external and internal situations. It is a low odour formulation and packed in a convenient one litre squeeze pack with a measuring chamber. It is also very cost effective, which will mean smaller outlays for pest managers.

“Pest managers will be pleased with the results they obtain from Fury. With powerful knockdown and strong residual control, it hits insects hard,” added Mr Hill.

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