Doors Close on WIPM and Pestie Profiles

The start of 2024 saw the voluntary winding down of Women in Pest Management (WIPM) and the last episode of Pestie Profiles, two organisations appreciated by many. 

Two prominent figures in the Australian pest management industry, Nicky and Jay Turner, have announced the end of their volunteer roles at Women in Pest Management and Pestie Profiles, respectively.

Former President of Women In Pest Management (WIPM), Ms Turner spoke on behalf of the executive committee to announce the voluntary winding down of the female-led organisation in a statement released on January 25, 2024.

The wind down follows the amalgamation of the Australian Women In Pest Management Association (AWPMA) with the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA).

The announcement from the WIPM committee stated:

“As a committee, we have strived to fill a crucial gap within the Australian Pest Management industry. Our efforts have been driven by a commitment to showcasing the talents and accomplishments of women in our field, fostering a sense of community and support through our initiatives. The decision to wind down WIPM is not one we take lightly, but it is necessary under the current circumstances.

We extend our sincerest wishes to AWPMA for a successful amalgamation and hope that they will continue some of the initiatives that WIPM championed so effectively in 2023.”

WIPM events scheduled for 2024 – including the WIPM Recognition Awards, workshops and networking breakfasts – have been cancelled, as has the digital magazine. The WIPM closed Facebook group will remain active, however, will continue to be available as a support resource for WIPM members.

Full WIPM press release.

Pestie Profiles logo


On February 3, Pestie Profiles, the pest management podcast run by Nicky and Jay Turner, announced that the latest episode featuring industry stalwart Ion Staunton would be the very last.

The statement on Facebook read:

“Recording this podcast has been an absolute blast! We’ve had the opportunity to dive deep into fascinating topics, explore the world of pests, and even debunk some common misconceptions…

Thank you to all you amazing pesties and businesses out there who trusted us and agreed to be our guests on the show.”

Episodes from the podcast will continue to be available on Spotify.

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