Bayer’s Pest Partner app is a handy tool for pest managers on the go and available for download now. 

Bayer has launched a new phone app, an on-the-job tool, which provides pest managers with product information, pest information, a spray configuration and dosage calculator, and the ability to send treatment reports directly to clients.

The new app allows users to register, and then based on their user profile, customise its functionality accordingly. When pest managers register with the app, they can create job reports for clients, giving details of the treatment and products used and then email the report directly to the customer.

Example screen from the Pest Partner app

The spray configurator and dosage calculator is another useful tool, allowing pest managers to add sprayers and then configure them accordingly. They can then use the dosage calculator to work out the exact amount of product required. The app also provides access to weather information – useful for checking rain forecasts and wind speed before spraying.

The app also allows access to all key product information, labels and safety data sheets, useful information for both pest mangers and distributors.

The pest information content included in the Pest Partner app replaces Bayer’s Bug ID app, so homeowners can also access the app for help with their pest problems. It also provides functionality for homeowners to contact a Bayer expert for advice or send in a photo for identification.

Bayer pest market manager, Daryle Swarz, said as part of this support, Bayer advises homeowners to contact a professional pest control company to eradicate the pests and ensure lasting protection.

“The Pest Partner app is a global Bayer initiative, designed to make life on the job easier for pest managers. The app is free to download and more functionality is planned for release in the coming months,” said Mr Swarz.

The app is available for download through the App Store and Google Play.

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