A look at the 2016 Pestech roadshow, which is currently working its way across the country.

The annual Agserv Pestech roadshows are underway. This season kicked off on a cold morning in Launceston before progressing on to Melbourne where a few new faces from the chemical suppliers made their debuts.

Eris Hess, Agserv managing director, summarised the presentations. “Dow kicked off by launching their new AlwaysActive termite bait. This is already proving to be a great success, with customers enjoying the benefits of the latest technology without having to register customers and pay site fees.

“Syngenta gave a presentation on termite barriers and Leigh Pronk, the new state representative from BASF provided us with a solution to the ever pesky black ant problems, with their new Goliath ant gel. Sam Wood, the new Bell representative discussed the real issues caused by rodents and highlighted the importance of looking in three dimensions when doing inspections.

“Sumitomo focused on the issues that mosquitoes have caused around the world and in Australia, highlighting diseases like Malaria and Zika, and launched their new mosquito product, Sumilarv Granular IGR, that can even be used in drinking water. Sundew launched its new Taser Pro, a non-repellent bendiocarb wettable powder and FMC enlightened us on the importance of quality formulations. There were many prizes given away and some wonderful deals done.”

The crew then headed up the Hume highway to Albury, before moving on to Canberra and Nowra. “The presentations were all of a high quality and certainly at Nowra, the audience really got involved, having fun and really learning from the great presentations. I would like to thank everyone who has attended so far and hope it has added some value to their business.”

The Pestech roadshows continue in NSW in June before moving on to southeast Queensland in July. Everyone is welcome to attend, although a RSVP is required (for catering) – contact your local Agserv branch for details.

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