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Peter Brigden of Rapid Solutions has achieved an impressive academic feat in the form of the ACE-I certificate.  


The Entomological Society of America (ESA) have congratulated Peter Brigden of Rapid Solutions in Queensland, Australia on being the second person in the world to earn the Associate Certified Entomologist International (ACE-I) designation.

Having been launched at PestWorld in 2014, the ACE-I is a new and international version of the ACE program. The first ACE-I, Kenneth Leung (Hong Kong), passed his exams in February of 2015 and although others have attempted it, Peter is only the second person in the world to pass both of the ACE-I exams. The ACE-I program differs from the ACE program in several key respects, including the fact that applicants are required to take and pass two exams (one on core entomology and pest management/IPM skills; and another on pesticide knowledge and safety), instead of just one for the US version of the ACE program.

“Getting ACE-certified serves as confirmation that, as a professional trainer in the Australian pest management industry, I ‘know my stuff’,” Mr Brigden recently told the ESA staff.

“It also served as a personal challenge to get a qualification of international standing for the industry and if it challenges others (like it seems to in the USA), then that is a good thing because we need to stretch ourselves mentally from time to time. ACE also served as a professional marker because as a trainer I need to continually develop my professional standards in both training (teaching) and industry knowledge (pest management) and for the latter, ACE-I does that in a most unequivocal manner.”