ServicePRO-Online is a customer access system that allows pest managers’ customers to access their professional pest reports. 

Termisoft, a leading provider of cloud-based and mobility software in Australia, has released an interactive version of its ‘ServicePRO-Online customer access system and is available for you to use.

ServicePRO Customer Access System is a secure web site for your customers to access their documents instantly, customised with your logo, company name and welcome message page.

It can be used to upload insurance certificates, service reports, statements, invoices, site plans, MSDS’s, trend analysis, transaction reports and other information that you want your customers to have access to.

The Customer Access System (pictured above) has been developed as a result of our customers wanting to have an interactive web site so their customers can have access to the reports. For example, if you are doing a bar code service for one of your customers, the activity report will be available to your customer as you leave the site.

The Customer Access System is also smart enough to do the trend analysis. You can choose to do a trend analysis on internal rodent stations for the last three months. Your customer can choose to see the graph as a bar chart, pie chart or line. Best of all, the chart can be saved and emailed if required.

The Customer Access System utilises the best of breed technology. It is capable of running on normal PCs, tablets and even mobile phones, and the view is adjusted based on the size of your screen.

Once again, at Temisoft we simplify the time it takes to do a task. This is a huge time saving to you, your office staff and a great benefit to your customer. It takes a few minutes to setup. Why not check it out for yourself at the ServicePRO-Online website.

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