Australian Pest Control software company, Formitize, has launched a digital reporting solution for the pest control industry.

Australian Pest Control software company, Formitize, has launched a digital reporting solution for the pest control industry providing a complete, independent suite of termite, general pest, health and safety and general business reports. The new suite will deliver instant, professional reporting that is extremely readable for end clients to understand.

CEO of Formitize, Matthew Burge, says the reporting suite – which spent two years in development – will take Pest Reporting to a whole new level of professionalism and readability.

“This was a huge undertaking by our team who reviewed all of the existing reports available, and revealed clear weaknesses in all of them,” Mr Burge explained. “The app is intuitive and uses smart logic to take users through a series of questions, intelligently prompting them for the information.”

“Pest Reports have historically been driven by insurance companies, so the wording, structure and appearance, clearly comes from an insurance perspective. We wanted to make the reporting process as clear and as methodical as possible for the pest inspectors and technicians out in the field and, just as importantly, make the reports as clear as possible for the end customer.”

The Formitize team defined a set of goals prior to starting the project, to ensure the reports were compliant from an Australian Standards perspective and industry insurers; respectful of the direction of AEPMA and their Codes of Practice; clear, helpful and process-driven for technicians and inspectors in the field using the app, and straightforward and easy to read for the end customer.

The new reports also needed to be professional looking, and flexible. “The solution has been built so our clients can move between fields, add additional content and change any element of the report themselves, using the drag and drop form builder. Naturally, all changes and edits need to be approved with insurers to ensure that compliance has been maintained,” said Mr Burge.

“Photo inclusion was another consideration. There are valid reasons to have lots of photos in reports and conversely, to have none, so we needed a solution that catered to both.”

A coloured traffic light indicator system throughout the reports provides a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ using green, orange and red buttons, which provide additional clarity. Mr Burge explains that a priority for the app was to make sure the end-user is unlikely to misinterpret or miss things, or to be tripped up by legal jargon.

“Currently, most reports don’t differentiate what has been added for the specific inspection versus the generic legal terminology. In the new reports, the standard terminology is grey, with directly relevant sections in black. Coupled with the traffic signal system, we believe this report leaves nothing to doubt.”

The traffic light system provides a quick visual of areas of concern

“We’ve designed the app to be as user friendly as possible for the inspectors. We have many clients that were initially hesitant to move from their old processes to the new technology. However, after a few inspections they’ve seen how easy it is and haven’t looked back – so that’s exciting for us.”

“We have also utilised our Webform technology to deliver online agreements to save our clients time and frustration. The end customer can read and sign the agreements on their desktop, tablet, or phone screens instantly. “Better looking, easier to read and customisable for the business owner, the Formitize app takes Pest Control reporting to another level.”