Pest managers in two very different areas of the country share their experiences of using Bithor Dual Action Insecticide.

Bithor with its unique dual mode of action, is proving a real winner in the control of cockroaches, fleas, ants and spiders, especially outdoors, where its long-term residual performance makes it the “perfect” insecticide.

Such has been the experience of Jeff Ryan from Ballarat Pest Control in Victoria, who has become a great advocate for Bithor since making the switch.

“Servicing Ballarat, the Central Highlands and western Victoria regions can mean a lot of travel and distance between jobs, so it is very important to our productivity that we have an insecticide we know we can totally rely on to solve the pest problem and, perhaps more importantly, keep on working. Since changing from another product with two actives, we have seen significantly improved residual performance, which leads to happy clients and no call backs!” said Mr Ryan.

Jeff Ryan, Ballarat Pest Control

“Bithor kills the toughest pests, including pyrethroid resistant strains, which gives it a big edge over all the other products we have tried. We find Bithor Dual Action displays a good handling profile; it is very stable, mixes easily with water and flows through all our equipment, whether it be hand-sprayers or power units. Since it is odourless and water-based, our clients really love it too.”

Over in Western Australia, they breed the pests tough too, and with long hours of hot sunny weather in the summer, they need a really tough insecticide to stand up to the conditions.

South Cape Pest Management is a family-owned business run by Louise and Ed Marques (Ed Marques centre, main picture) out of Quindalup in the south west of the state. With six people on the team , and covering a vast area they also need a product they can trust too.

“After all these years in business, we have built a solid reputation for excellent customer service and providing superior pest solutions for our residential and commercial clients, so we can only commit to using the finest products. And we have found Bithor to be the most effective, and our technicians love the results,” said Mr Marques.

“Not only does it provide us quick kill, we get long-lasting residual performance, and our technicians don’t get the tingling so typical of pyrethroid products.”

Steve Broadbent, regional director for Ensystex, explains how Bithor delivers these performance benefits. “The ability of Bithor to kill pyrethroid resistant strains is due to its blend of two residual insecticides with different modes of action – Bifenthrin is a Resistance Group 3A pyrethroid, and imidacloprid is a Group 4A nicotinoid. Its enhanced potency arises from the fact that each insecticide targets a different site of the insect nervous system, resulting in exceptional control of insect pests.

“Bithor is uniquely non-repellent for two key reasons. Firstly, we developed a process known as ‘Blended Active Concentrate (BAC) Technology’ whereby the two actives are actually milled together at the very start of the production process. By blending together, it allows the imidacloprid to conceal the bifenthrin, and the bifenthrin to protect the imidacloprid.

“Secondly, this ‘masking’ of the pyrethroid component can only be achieved with bifenthrin, since it is a non-cyano pyrethroid and has naturally low repellency. So when blended at lower levels with imidacloprid, the resultant product is non-repellent.

“Since the insects are not repelled, it means they remain in contact with treated surfaces for longer; which leads to improved uptake of the insecticides. Plus, since insecticidal kill is a factor of time and dose (i.e. the longer the exposure, the lower the dose required), the insecticides effectively remain active for longer. This further accounts for Bithor’s improved residual performance, ensuring the premium performance our clients demand,” concluded Mr Broadbent.

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