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QLD pest manager Matthew White shares his experiences of using Ultraforce Cockroach Powder from Sherwood Chemicals.

Matthew White from Selectapest on the Gold Coast (pictured above) has experienced a wide variety of pest control problems in his long pest control career. However, over the last 12 months he has experienced a growing issue with cockroach bait aversion.

“German cockroaches have become increasingly hard to control. We have relied on a number of different techniques over the years with great success. However recently we have seen our ‘go to’ products, like gel baits, being ignored by the cockroach,” commented Mr White.

Bait aversion by German cockroaches is becoming increasingly common, especially in accounts with high gel use. With their rapid rate of reproduction it can allow an initial isolated infestation to very quickly become a significant pest problem.

“In addition, ignoring of baits is to be expected in situations such as restaurants where high fat content foods are available. Cockroaches have an abundance of food to eat rather than a small ball of bait left by a technician.”

Ultraforce Cockroach Powder provides an alternative to baits, especially in situations where bait acceptance is providing difficult. By applying the powder directly to hiding places, the non-repellent fipronil formulation is quickly spread around the population.

“Part of our initial service is to inspect areas where we have a high probability of finding these pests. As they hide in cracks and crevices, I was excited to trial Ultraforce Cockroach Powder as I knew we could target these pests deep in their hiding spots as well as treat target surfaces where they might be at different times of the day,” continued Mr White.

“There are many benefits to using the powder alongside other pest control techniques. As a powder we could deliver a lethal dose in difficulty areas like electrical appliances and as it is non-repellent we could use it with other products, rather than using ordinary permethrin dusts which can cause a repellency effect.

“Our technicians actively search and treat cockroaches and their hiding places to ensure the ‘three stages of kill’ are achieved.”

Ultraforce Cockroach Powder

The technical brochure highlights the three stages of kill that is delivered after an application of Ultraforce Cockroach Powder:

  • Stage 1: Direct Kill stage – foraging cockroaches pick up fipronil crystals. Fipronil crystals stick to the exoskeleton and are absorbed through the soft tissue.
  • Stage 2: Indirect kill stage – social interaction among the population, through grooming, spreads the fipronil throughout the adult population.
  • Stage 3: Nymph kill stage – nymphs are highly attracted to the regurgitated material from adult cockroaches affected by fipronil. Nymph control is achieved through their natural feeding behaviour.

“We have always been very passionate about delivering successful outcomes for our customers for two simple reasons; happy customers mean repeat business and we love what we do. With Ultraforce, the feedback from our customers has been wonderful with positive results.

“The results have been fantastic with successful control achieved at all of our problem sites. We can clearly attribute these results to the use of Ultraforce Cockroach Powder. The fipronil matrix is very easy to use and flows deep into cracks and crevices, but also is fine enough to lightly coat target surfaces.

“We are still using this product as an alternative at problem sites. I’m excited to continue refining how we use it to achieve the best results. One thing is for certain however, we definitely will be adding Ultraforce Cockroach Powder to our technicians’ toolboxes. It’s changing the way we look at our treatments. Who knows, it may even replace the need for gel baits altogether.”