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Adding an IGR to the tank mix takes the performance of an adulticide product to the next level, in some cases giving control of all insect life stages.

How can you boost the performance of your pest control spray (even if it’s already very good)? And is there an insect growth regulator (IGR) that sprays and dries clear?

When it comes to choosing a pest control product, a number of factors can influence the product choice, including performance, ease of use, safety profile, quality and cost.

Certainly, when considering pest control adulticides, a number of good options are available. That said, the performance of these products on cockroaches and fleas can always be improved with the inclusion of an insect growth regulator.

Sumilarv has been proven to be a winning addition to the Allpest toolbox. “At Allpest, we love the new spray formulations that spray and dry clear. It’s important that we don’t leave any visible residues – a clear, clean finish is a professional finish,” said Chris Arneill, Allpest’s regional manager in Perth.

“We also like to use an IGR, especially on German cockroach and flea jobs. Not only do they attack all life stages, but they increase the residual performance of the treatment.

“We switched to Sumilarv nearly a year ago as we needed an IGR that sprayed and dried clear. In combination with our preferred adulticide, we know we have a high performing combination for use in commercial accounts and a long-lasting option for residential accounts, which minimises the costly callback,“ said Mr Arneill.

Pyriproxifen, the active ingredient in Sumilarv, is a very stable molecule and remains active at very low concentrations – in laboratory trials it has been shown to deliver over 90% control on flea larvae in carpet for over a year (2010, University of Technology, Sydney). Data also shows that Sumilarv acts on all life stages of fleas; eggs don’t hatch, larvae die when trying to moult, pupae don’t develop, and adults lay sterile eggs.

Sumilarv is compatible with all adulticides on the market and as a non-repellent it is an ideal partner for non-pyrethroid products.

“As a standalone IGR rather than a pre-mixed product, pest managers can choose to combine Sumilarv with their preferred adulticide, whatever that may be,” said Charles McClintock, Sumitomo Professional Products business manager.

“So, if you want the flexibility to create your own spray mix and need a formulation that leaves no visible residues, Sumilarv is the clear winner.”