Despite being a less well established pyrethroid product, Sumiguard has been proven to be 100% effective against fleas in clinical trials. 

Although Sumilarv may be a familiar product to many pest professionals, Sumiguard is less well known, despite being on the pest control market for nearly ten years.

Based on the pyrethroid esfenvalerate, Sumiguard provides pest managers with a broad-spectrum, value for money adulticide, with proven performance as a general insecticide in both agriculture and urban pest markets.

“It’s just a good all round-product,” commented Charles McClintock, Professional Products business manager for Sumitomo Chemical Australia. For many residential general pest treatments and regular services in strata, hospitality and other commercial accounts, pest managers need a quality, broad-spectrum product that delivers value for money. “Pest managers just need a quality product, that does the job and allows them to price the service competitively and maintain a good margin. This is where Sumiguard fits in,” added Mr McClintock.

“As part of the Sumitomo range of products, Sumiguard has been extensively tested with Sumilarv, which makes it a perfect partner for flea jobs and when the extra protection of an insect growth regulator is required,” suggested Mr McClintock.

When tested on carpet in trials by the University of Technology in Sydney, the Sumiguard/Sumilarv combination has demonstrated 100% emergence inhibition of fleas for up to three months and the benefits of Sumilarv ensure the inhibition continues at around 90% for nine months or more.

“But Sumilarv is not just a flea product, with cockroaches, spiders, ants, carpet beetles, silverfish, flies and mosquitoes on the label, it is a general pest insecticide pest managers can rely on,” concluded Mr McClintock.

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