FMC has released its new general insecticide, Fury. 

Recently launched by FMC, new Fury 120 SC General Household Insecticide is a unique product offering pest managers a host of great features and benefits.

Fury is a unique combination of alpha-cypermethrin and bifenthrin, meaning that Fury provides both rapid knockdown and strong residual control of a wide range of general household insect pests.

FMC are leaders in the research and development of synthetic pyrethroids and were the original developers of bifenthrin and alpha-cypermethrin for pest management.

“FMC is well known to Australian pest managers with leading brands such as Biflex, and the HomeGuard Precision Termite Management System,” said Ian Pegg, commercial manager, FMC Australasia.

“We are always looking to develop new products that can add value and provide new solutions for pest managers. The concept of a dual pyrethroid product was first developed by FMC in the United States where various combination products have been successfully launched in both the crop and specialty segments in recent years. FMC have a patent on the dual pyrethroid concept.

“Following the success in the US, FMC decided to develop a similar product in Australia based on a mixture of alpha-cypermethrin and bifenthrin – Fury. Our local trial results and initial commercial evaluation of Fury have been excellent, and pest managers will be pleased with the results.”

Fury is an optimised combination of alpha-cypermethrin 40 g/L and bifenthrin 80 g/L formulated as a suspension concentrate (SC). Fury combines the knockdown power of alpha-cypermethrin with the sustained residual qualities of bifenthrin – all in the one powerful product.

“Trials on cockroaches, ants and spiders, for example, have shown that when using Fury there is an additive, or synergistic effect that is not achieved when using the individual active ingredients alone. This synergy means that Fury is more efficient, with increased mortality, quicker knockdown and better residual control.”

Trial results show that Fury outperforms the leading brands when it comes to fast acting knockdown control of the most important insect pests. When compared to other products, Fury hits insects hard, achieving rapid control of heavy populations and impressing clients with quick and sustained results.

“Using products with strong residual control is an important consideration for pest managers and critical for avoiding call backs,” added Mr Pegg. “Feedback from pest managers indicates that some of the well known brands they are currently using are not providing sufficient residual control, and pest managers are having to come back and re-treat premises for disappointed customers.

“Our trials support these observations. In outdoor situations some of the major brands, including combination products, are providing reduced comparative residual control. Bifenthrin is not as soluble as some of the other active ingredients currently used, and is harder to wash off. This helps to explain why Fury provides better residual control than some of the existing products.

“This robust residual control will help pest managers maintain and grow their customer base, reduce call backs, enhance their reputation and provide an opportunity to offer more services to their clients – at better prices.”

Fury is a high quality SC formulation produced to FMC stringent QA requirements. It is a free flowing, easy to mix liquid that disperses easily and remains well suspended during the spraying operation.

Fury offers pest managers a lot of flexibility. It is registered for use on 11 general household pests in both external and internal situations. Pest managers will also like the low odour formulation and the convenient one litre squeeze pack bottle with measuring chamber.

“When developing Fury we not only wanted to deliver a product that provided great insect control, but we wanted to deliver a new product that was very cost effective for pest managers,” added Mr Pegg.

“Pest managers will be pleasantly surprised at how economical Fury is. The convenient one litre pack size means that pest managers have smaller outlays than they would for larger pack sizes. The large number of pests on the label will reduce the need for pest managers to carry multiple products in their vehicles.”

In conclusion, Mr Pegg advised that, “The combination of rapid knockdown and good residual control in the one powerful product means that Fury will set a new standard in the industry and will become a product of choice for pest managers.”

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