Syngenta’s New Advion Evolution Cockroach Gel has Landed

Advion Evolution Cockroach Gel has hit the Australian pest control market.

Advion Evolution Cockroach Gel is the latest in gel bait technology from Syngenta, and is now available to the Australian professional pest management industry. The new enhanced formulation provides increased bait consumption and improved speed of kill, even when compared with Advion Cockroach Gel. It features the proven performance of indoxacarb with its exponential control through tertiary transfer.

The revised balance of sugars and proteins in the enhanced bait matrix of new Advion Evolution has demonstrated increased attraction, leading to increased feeding and bait uptake. When comparing Advion Evolution Cockroach Gel to Advion Cockroach Gel, the increase in bait uptake has been proven to be approximately 60% within a 24-hour period.

When looking at the bait consumption data (Figure 1), it is important to note that a typical bellyful of bait for an adult male cockroach that has been starved for 24 hours will be around 10 mg. The cockroaches in this study were not starved, and still consumed more than this amount.


Syngenta graph
Figure 1: Consumption and mortality of bait-averse German cockroaches (strain T-164) over a 24-hour period when exposed to Advion and new Advion Evolution


As with the original Advion Cockroach Gel, which was developed to overcome bait aversion behaviour, Advion Evolution has been developed to be attractive even to bait-averse strains. During the product trials for Advion Evolution, the new product was tested against the notoriously ‘finicky’ strain (T-164) that is known for displaying bait aversion.

Advion Evolution was proven to be very attractive and the cockroaches consumed a large quantity of bait, resulting in a much faster knockdown of the cockroaches when compared to Advion. These results indicate that that the ingredients in Advion Evolution are highly attractive due to a strong phagostimulant response.

Of course, customer satisfaction comes from gaining control of a cockroach population quickly. Speed of kill is a vital metric for measuring the success of a gel bait. When trialled on the same bait-averse cockroach strain, Advion Evolution showed an improved speed of kill of eight days over the original Advion Cockroach Gel.

With its new enhanced formulation demonstrating increased bait uptake and speed of kill, Advion Evolution can be seen as the new go-to bait for controlling even the toughest cockroach problem.

Advion Evolution Cockroach Gel is available now from distributors.

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