Humane and easy to install, mesh netting is a smart solution for protecting solar panels from pest birds.

Pigeons that were once confined to nesting in the streetscape of our retail and commercial structures are now occupying the roofs of suburban homes in alarming numbers.

Domestic and commercial solar panels are providing the perfect shelter for disease carrying, feral pigeons. Protected, insulated from extreme temperatures and hidden from view and predators, solar panels represent ideal nesting zones.

With abundant food available at local parks, schools and retail areas, a single home with solar panels can support 40 or more pigeons. The smell, mess, loss of solar panel efficiency and damage to the homeowner’s roof is severe. With solar panels featuring on one in five Australian homes, pest managers can offer a new service in solar panel pigeon exclusion.

Solar roof with AvePro Solar Mesh installed

Using AvePro Solar Mesh (now available in poly or stainless steel), backed by a 10-year product warranty, the problem is solved in just a few hours. This mesh is attached at 300mm centres with the new AvePro Solar Exclusion Clips, which lock the mesh in place without damage to the roof or panels. Once the mesh has denied the pigeons access to the nesting zone, they will eventually move on and the problem is solved.

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