Void Filla – New Termite and Waterproofing Barrier from Termseal

A new product joins the Termseal suite of Australian-made termite proofing solutions. 

Termseal has announced the launch of Ura-Fen Shield Termite and Waterproofing Barrier Void Filla, a new termite and moisture proof sheet barrier product that acts as an extension of Termseal’s already well established Ura-fen Shield TWB product range.

Ura-Fen Shield TWB Void Filla is a compressible 10 mm thick triple layer termite and moisture proof sheet barrier primarily used for expansion joints, construction joints and isolation joints to new and existing buildings. It consists of an open cell polyurethane matrix sheet containing the active ingredient bifenthrin (2 g/kg) sandwiched between two untreated polyolefin sheets, each 150 microns in thickness. Ura-Fen Shield TWB Void Filla is supplied in rolls 10 mm thick, 100 mm wide and in 25 metre lengths.

Ura-Fen Shield TWB Void Filla is inserted in concrete joints to act as a physical/chemical termite barrier and provide movement and isolation of dissimilar masonry products within the built environment.

It is highly recommended that the product only be used where the top of the sheet is visible as the inspection zone.

There are three stages of installation: adhesive (pictured above), placement and pinning (below).



During installation, the sheet should be secured in place using Termseal’s Ura-Fen Adhesive. It is not only highly adhesive but is proven to be termite-resistant, which is very important in construction joint-type situations as termites can easily travel through man-made crevices.

If the joint or any part of the joint is to be concealed with a wall or other covering, such as floor tiles, a surface treatment of Termseal’s Multi-Purpose Active and TM Reo-Band Fibre Glass Mat is recommended.

Peter Brigden, general manager of Termseal, believes the new product is unique in terms of its quality of manufacturing.

“Ura-Fen Shield TWB has a long-standing reputation for performance, and likewise Void Filla is made using cutting-edge Australian technology, as part of a unique manufacturing process. Termseal’s termite and waterproofing barrier products have stood the test of time for more than ten years.

“With the release of Ura-Fen Shield TWB Void Filla, Termseal products will continue to deliver long-standing protection to new construction projects Australia wide. Pest managers should also note our CodeMark Certificate of Conformity has been recently updated, which can be accessed through our website or your local Termseal account manager.”