Having a flexible termite management system such as Sentricon AlwaysActive is crucial for challenging and large-scale construction projects.

When it comes to building projects, the architect wants full design scope of new builds and extensions; the builder wants an easy option that doesn’t require specific scheduling of operations; and the pest manager wants an effective termiticide that is easily replenished. The use of a baiting system to provide pre-construction termite protection may be a new option to some, but Sentricon AlwaysActive from Corteva Agriscience is a qualified pre-construction solution and delivers on these three key requirements.

At the core of the Sentricon AlwaysActive system is its versatility. It is ideal in areas of difficult construction, such as steep slopes, proximity to waterways, variable soil types, and stucco below grade as well as sensitive sites such as heritage areas, wildlife refuges, and schools.

With Sentricon AlwaysActive architects can be reassured that they have a solution for difficult sites and new build sites with multiple accessibility or topographical challenges.

Australian builders know that they need to use materials and systems that meet the criteria of the National Construction Code (NCC). This is a performance-based code with two pathways to establish compliance: one is ‘deemed-to-satisfy’ and the other is a ‘performance solution’.

Termite management systems complying with Australian Standards AS 3660.1 are deemed-to-satisfy the NCC. This applies to most commonly used termite management systems such as reticulated systems, blankets, guards, etc. A performance solution requires substantial evidence and specific criteria.

Sentricon AlwaysActive has been proven to ‘meet or exceed’ the performance requirements of the NCC, in trials conducted by an independent company accredited under JAS-ANZ. This compliance with the NCC has allowed Sentricon AlwaysActive to become CodeMark certified. The current Certificate of Conformity is valid until November 2024 and no additional documentation is required to support its use. A stringent auditing process is carried out to extend the CodeMark certification every three years. This means builders can have total confidence in Sentricon AlwaysActive, knowing they are using a termite management system that complies with building regulations.

One such case is that of builder Ross Jackson, who decided to construct a new home on a block of land in the township of Yaroomba on the Sunshine Coast. With nice coastal views and the city lights of Maroochydoore at night, he built the house as high as possible to maximise the views. During construction, one day he noticed the pallets, upon which the bricks had been delivered three months prior, were riddled with termites. This highlighted the need for very effective termite protection.

Due to the type of construction of his house, he knew it would be hard to find a termite system that worked. There was a weak point where the foundation butted into the block wall, which meant no termite system was going to be 100% effective unless a huge amount of work was undertaken to dig away dirt on either side of the concrete foundation, tunnel underneath it and seal around the foundations.


The Queensland house site with difficult construction slopes


The concept of installing Sentricon AlwaysActive stations around the house seemed so simple and effective. It was a relief for Mr Jackson and saved him a huge amount of money in potential earthworks and additional labour. Sentricon AlwaysActive is certified as a standalone termite management system, which meant that no other termite management systems and/or components were required to be installed. He was reassured by the fact that the Sentricon system has undergone years of research and trials and is CodeMark certified.

As well as new builds, Sentricon AlwaysActive can also be used in situations where additions are made to an existing structure. The in-ground stations must be installed around the entire premises (existing structure plus extension) at three-metre intervals. Where Sentricon AlwaysActive has been installed and an addition is being planned, stations in the construction zone can simply be removed and relocated around the perimeter of the new footprint of the building, with additional stations being added if necessary.


Sentricon Ready-To-Install station pre-loaded with a Sentricon IG Termiticide rod


Occasionally, and perhaps more often than some builders would care to admit, a construction project may be finalised without a termite management being installed. It is only when it comes to certification time and final handover that the penny drops and it becomes apparent that the installation of a termite system has been totally overlooked. In this situation, the quick and easy installation of Sentricon AlwaysActive has proven time and time again to be a godsend for many builders and homeowners alike.

On large construction projects, the use of Sentricon AlwaysActive delivers benefits not only for the builder, but for the pest manager, too. Damien Bishop, general manager of Cure All Pest Control/The White Ant Man, has experienced many changes in the industry. He and his team have used Sentricon AlwaysActive on hundreds of sites around South East Queensland, both domestic and commercial. But in the last two years, he has used Sentricon AlwaysActive on numerous new construction sites including a very large townhouse development, a site that has over 200 in-ground stations installed.

For Mr Bishop, a significant benefit of using Sentricon AlwaysActive on his largest project was that only one site visit was required to install the system — which happened on completion of construction, when all other trades had left the site. Another positive factor was that the weather conditions did not affect the installation of Sentricon. From the pest manager’s view, there was no need to worry about rescheduling site visits due to other trades not being ready for them or adverse weather conditions. Using Sentricon AlwaysActive has helped Mr Bishop cut down administration time and reduce the number of site visits required during construction.

Unlike other pre-construction systems, Sentricon AlwaysActive not only protects the building but actively reduces the termite pressure by delivering colony elimination. The science behind Sentricon is unparalleled with over 70 independent studies proving its efficacy and more than four million structures protected.

With benefits for both professional pest managers and builders, Sentricon AlwaysActive is a premium termite management system that delivers results, every time.


Main photo credit: Mark Gersbach/Attack Pest Management