A simple solution for giving liquid termite treatments a neat and professional finish.

Applying a liquid termite treatment can be hard work. Having to finish off the job by bending over and patching the drill holes with mortar is perhaps the worst part of all – but there is a quick and easy solution to this. Established in 2003, GoPlugs creators Jim and Tracee Trammell of Jimboomba, Queensland, designed a plastic plug used for concealing drill holes without the fuss of mixing mortar.

GoPlugs were designed by Mr Trammell – a pest manager since 1980 – after the consistent nagging of his teenage son whenever he had to patch drill holes with mortar. GoPlugs were launched at the 2003 AEPMA Conference in Perth, and at that time were available in one size and five colours. Following the successful launch, GoPlugs have grown in size and colour, with two more plug sizes and four more colours now available.

GoPlugs are manufactured by Mr and Mrs Trammell using only the highest quality materials. They are UV stabilized, making them durable and long-lasting to match the lifespan of the termiticides used in the industry. The domed cap design conceals most drill hole chips and the plugs are easily removed for retreating in the future.

The full range of GoPlugs and Pebbles

GoPlugs 13mm size (suits half-inch injector tips) and 8mm sizes (suits 6mm injector tips) are available in nine colours. Whilst the 13mm and 8mm GoPlugs look great on normal concrete, they looked less appealing on exposed aggregate. This led to the creation of GoPlug Pebbles, which were specially designed for aggregate slabs. GoPlug Pebbles have an 8mm shaft and have been designed with ten different head shapes to make the overall effect appear more natural. They are available in five different colours.

Mr Trammell believes the success of GoPlugs is due to several factors. “Our success is down to the fact that all pest managers that treat termites drill holes. And what pest manager doesn’t want the easiest and quickest way to finish off a treatment? The added bonus is that they look great when used properly,” he explained.

Using GoPlugs gives a tidy and professional finish

“It must be remembered that drill holes will be used again and again over subsequent years. This means they should be measured out neatly and accurately – using a chalk line to keep them straight – as they will be a permanent feature of the house. Finishing the job with GoPlugs looks more professional than leaving randomly drilled holes. A happy customer is a repeat customer,” he added.

Tips on how to create neat drill holes, along with product information and photos, can be found on the GoPlugs Facebook page. GoPlugs are available across Australia from all major distributors.