Field trials in Gosford, NSW, continue to show that Altriset Termiticide delivers proven performance when tested against a number of termite species.

Syngenta have announced that the APVMA have approved a seven-year protection claim for Altriset, in areas south of the Tropic of Capricorn.

Dale Hudson, business manager, Syngenta Professional Pest Management, said Syngenta were excited with this label upgrade. “Altriset has proven its effectiveness in field trials and house trials, and the new seven-year label claim is the latest recognition for this revolutionary product, that combines very effective termite killing power with an unrivalled safety profile.

“On top of its amazing safety and efficacy profile, the extra reasons for using Altriset do not stop with the new seven-year label claim and safety benefits, it can also now be used for pre-construction application.

“Since its launch, Altriset has continued to grow in acceptance as the new standard in termite control with leading pest controllers. These new claims will only help to strengthen that position even further.

“The seven year status demonstrates to the market that Altriset truly is the new benchmark for safe and effective termite treatments. And we haven’t stopped at seven years, the trial sites (example pictured above) are continuing to be monitored.”

Altriset field trials have been conducted since 2007 near Gosford (NSW), where a variety of test plots were installed to simulate conditions of vertical perimeter soil barriers around concrete slabs and horizontal perimeter pre-construction treatments under concrete slabs. The
main termite species present at Gosford are Coptotermes acinaciformis, Heterotermes ferox and Nasutitermes exitiosus.

Trial sites have been assessed regularly since their installation for both termite activity and Altriset residual effect in the soil. Dick Murray, technical manager, Syngenta Professional Pest Management, summarised the results.

“Results have shown that Altriset treated soils remain free of termite activity, while untreated controls demonstrated significant damage. Furthermore, samples of soils that were taken seven years after treatment with Altriset achieved 100% mortality of Coptotermes spp. termites within 14-21 days.

Trial sites clearly show that Altriset continues to perform at exceptional levels as is evident from the zero termite activity being detected on the treated plots and trial houses.

“Many pest controllers have been happy to keep using the same old products they have been using for years. But as products like Altriset come along, with proven efficacy, in combination with the superior safety aspects the market is looking for, then the swing towards them will continue,” concluded Mr Murray.