The Kordon termite management system has been protecting homes for over 25 years and is a trusted termite proofing solution for many Australian pest managers. 

Like everything in life, it’s not all about price. This is certainly true in the pre-construction termite market, where it can be highly competitive and pest management companies can often get caught in a price cutting war to win jobs. Offering quality service and using quality products still allows savvy pest managers to charge a premium and win pre-construction work.

This has certainly been the experience of the team at Allstate Pest Control in Adelaide, who have found that their service levels coupled with the use of Kordon has been a winning combination.

Kordon has been protecting homes for over 25 years. Manufactured in Australia, it has a three layer construction providing both physical and chemical protection. A polyester webbing containing deltamethrin is laminated between two UV-stable, low-density polyethylene sheets. It is the only product of its type that has actually completed a 25-year field efficacy study proving its termite protection performance.


Kordon installation to an exterior wall of a wine
cellar that will be backfilled


Aaron Thompson, construction manager at Allstate Pest Control, explained why it’s integral to their success.

“It is a quality product, so obviously we need to charge a bit more for installations. But then again, we are a quality pest management company so aren’t the cheapest either. It doesn’t stop us working with numerous building companies, big and small. We complete over a thousand installs each year.

“In fact many builders are looking for that extra quality and backup. They want the confidence that their customers’ homes and their reputations will be protected. A number of builders in Adelaide actually specify Kordon for their installs.”

But the decision to stick with Kordon is not just due to the product quality and performance, it’s due to the level of support from the Kordon team.

“When you hit a roadblock, they are there to help,” explained Mr Thompson. “We were called to a property where there had been an apparent product failure. However, on investigation — we had to open up an internal wall and cut the bottom plate — it was obvious that a small piece of Kordon had been removed either by the builder or carpenter.

“Termites, being termites, obviously found the one spot unprotected by Kordon. I suppose it’s actually a great testimonial for the product performance, but the reason I mention it, is that even though it clearly wasn’t a product failure, the Kordon team were with us on site, providing support to both ourselves and the builder to help resolve the issue.

“Knowing that the manufacturer will back their product and provide on-the-ground support provides a great deal of confidence both to us and to our builders. And the builders are happy to pay for that extra confidence and support, especially the ones who want to look after their customers.”


Jared Mancini from Allstate Pest Control applying glue prior to application of Kordon onto a waterproofed exterior wall that will be backfilled


The support is more than just words and deeds, as Kordon offers a $1 million Protection Program — a warranty against product failure. Complete systems installed by a Kordon accredited installer and inspected annually by an accredited timber pest inspector qualify for the warranty, which can be extended annually for the life of the building providing the property remains compliant.

Kordon is a flexible, easy to handle system which can easily be moulded or cut and joined to fit complex design features. It offers a complete underslab treatment for termite and moisture membrane protection. Pre-formed sections enable a quick and easy termite system at slab intrusions such as pipes. Kordon can be used in conjunction with concrete laid to AS 2870 specification to form a termite management system meeting Australian Standards and the National Construction Code.