Joanne George, pest management business manager at Dow AgroSciences, outlines the reasons why Sentricon AlwaysActive is an all-round termite solution, for all situations.

Sentricon AlwaysActive combines the benefits of both a chemical barrier and a monitoring system, without any of the drawbacks. Like a chemical barrier, it provides immediate protection. Like a monitoring system, it is housed in stations around the perimeter, which may be added to or relocated as needed. Sentricon AlwaysActive is totally unique – it is active from day one and eliminates termite colonies, often before termites have been discovered.

Sentricon AlwaysActive is a system of stations installed at three metre intervals around the perimeter of a structure. Inside the station is the Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod. This rod may be used to upgrade existing monitoring systems where they exist. For new installations, the rod comes pre-packaged in the station. Installation simply involves marking out points at 3m intervals, that are 30-50 cm from the foundation of the structure (outside any previous chemical treatments), augering a hole and inserting the station.

Sentricon Ready-To-Install Station, pre-loaded with the Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod

The Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod is a high-density rod that contains the termiticide within a cellulose matrix. Studies have shown that termites find it highly attractive. In fact, Juan Broncano from Termite Trackers on the Central Coast of NSW recently reported that, “Termites actually left a house to feed on the newly installed Sentricon AlwaysActive rods installed around the perimeter. The termite colony was eliminated within six weeks of Sentricon AlwaysActive being installed.”

Sentricon AlwaysActive contains hexaflumuron, which is a chitin synthesis inhibitor. Chitin is the major component in termite eggs, their exoskeleton and peritrophic membrane (delicate, non-cuticular lining of midgut). As it prevents chitin production, Hexaflumuron prevents termites from completing their moulting process. The termite becomes ‘stuck’ in its old skeleton; the new cuticle is unable to support the body or retain moisture, and the termite dies.

After consuming the Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod, workers termites return to the colony and hexaflumuron is efficiently distributed throughout the colony via trophallaxis. Termites don’t die in or near the bait, so the bait isn’t repellent to unaffected insects and death is not associated with the Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod.

Sentricon IG Termiticide Rods can be used in cored holes in concrete, to upgrade existing monitoring stations or to replace consumed rods

Hexaflumuron has been available in Sentricon IG and AG systems for decades. What sets Sentricon AlwaysActive apart is the Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod. The effective termiticide is already contained in the rod, so there is no need to wait for the recruitment of termites to wood in the station first, before applying the bait – the system is effective at eliminating termites from day one of installation.

The density and durability of this rod ensures that it can remain active for up to five years under Australian conditions. Even if it becomes gnarly and mouldy, it is still effective – it only needs to be replaced at an inspection, once more than half of it has been consumed.

The density of the rod also ensures the termiticide is housed within the rod, posing no risk to users, their clients, pets or the environment. No protective equipment is required for installation or monitoring; gloves are only recommended to ensure no transfer of scents onto the rod.

Sentricon AlwaysActive is available in three convenient versions:

  1. Sentricon ready-to-install station pre-loaded with a Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod, recommended for new installations
  2. Sentricon two-piece IG station for use in cored concrete holes
  3. Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod for use in a two-piece station or when upgrading an existing monitoring system.

Sentricon AlwaysActive is a truly flexible solution for pest control managers. It may be used in pre- or post-construction – CodeMark accreditation assures users of compliance with the National Construction Code. It can be used as a curative or preventative treatment. It may be used alone or as backup to other termite management systems. It may be used as a whole system, or a part system around selected areas. It is also ideal for sensitive areas where chemical treatments are undesirable or physical barriers are unworkable.

Free, online training is available through the Sentricon website, where you will also find our current technical manual, frequently asked questions and a number of brochures that you may personalise for use in your business.

Joanne GeorgeBusiness Manager, Pest Management, Dow AgroSciences