The pandemic has changed the way we do business, making contactless payments and smart billing a business necessity.


Understanding which is the best billing and payments software for your business can be a challenge. Because all businesses are different, there is no right answer – it will depend on the unique characteristics of your business. For pest control companies, the agility of billing and payment collection is even more important. Using a pest control software solution such as ServSuite can help you take control of this important aspect of your business.

The Covid pandemic has forced many businesses to adjust the way they operate in order to protect the health of their customers, employees, and communities. As part of this, many have been looking for ways to harness the power of contactless payments. Contactless, or touchless, payments have become increasingly common – and with good reason, as electronic cheque and credit card processing has many benefits.

Firstly, contactless payments are more convenient. Using pest control software to manage payments enables technicians to collect payments from anywhere at any time, improving collection rates, increasing efficiencies, and ultimately improving profitability. Secondly, they are faster. Electronic payments can be collected in a matter of minutes, saving office staff time and money in the long term.

Last but not least, they are more sanitary, helping keep both customers and employees safe. Health and safety is an important aspect of every kind of service delivered to customers, and this includes taking their payments. Using a touchless, or contactless, payment method means that pest managers can minimise the risks involved, which helps create an even more professional impression.

Along with payments, billing is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of running a business. Using technology to handle the tasks that can be automated not only saves time but also helps maintain a paperless environment in the office, which is the safest way to operate.

Pest control software such as ServSuite can be used to automate key parts of the billing process. For example, processing bills for repeating services is a time- consuming task but one that can be easily automated by using software to automatically generate bills for services that are repeated time and time again.

Another laborious task is that of printing and posting invoices to customers. Not only does this increase overheads in terms of spend on paper and postage but it also takes valuable time to complete. ServSuite offers a Print to Mail service at a fraction of the average cost of printing and mailing. The Print to Mail service takes on the task of printing and sending statements, invoices, letters, and renewals by post. The whole process is carried out in a hands-free environment, making billing customers as safe as possible.

When reviewing the pest control software options available in the market it’s important to bear in mind your unique business needs. ServSuite is a pest management software solution with robust billing capabilities specially designed to help pest control businesses grow. Choosing an innovative software that you can count on to evolve with the changing landscape of payments and billing is crucial. ServSuite is a multi- faceted solution, developed to meet the changing needs of pest management professionals.