New Soft Pouch for Sentricon AG Termite Bait

Sentricon Above-ground Termite Bait now includes a soft plastic cover for easier installation.

The Sentricon AG (Above Ground) Termite Bait refill pack now comes with a soft black plastic cover that enables the bag of bait to be used without the above ground bait station.

When dealing with active termite infestations, it’s important to have a baiting system that allows the bait to applied to termite feeding fronts, wherever they may occur. The flexible black cover enables the bag of bait to be mounted on narrow or awkward surfaces, tight locations, limited access areas, in and around corners, over moulding and trims, etc. The label instructions have been revised accordingly.


Sentricon AG Termite Bait with new soft black pouch
Sentricon AG Termite Bait with new soft black pouch


For use with the plastic cover, the user should place the cut side of the pouch against the termite workings, securing it with tape, staples, non-volatile adhesives, latex-based caulk, or other appropriate materials, ensuring securing agents do not make contact with the bait matrix. The flexible black cover should be placed over the pouch so that it is completely covered, blocking out light. The black cover should be attached in a way that is easily removed in order to check for feeding, for example with tape or staples.