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New for 2016, Sherwood Chemicals will be launching a fipronil dust that is specifically designed to tackle cockroaches

In a challenge to the dominance of gels for the control of cockroaches, Sherwood Chemicals have announced they will be launching their new Ultraforce Cockroach Powder early in 2016.

John Ralph, Australian director of Sherwood Chemicals, was excited about this upcoming launch. “Sherwood Chemicals have again listened to pest managers in Australia and developed a much requested product – a new type of cockroach control product – a powder based on fipronil.”

“Cockroach gels have certainly been successful over the years and have become a mainstay of the pest manager’s toolbox. However, arguably there has been an over reliance on cockroach gels by the pest management industry, with some remarking on a drop in gel performance in recent years.

“Often this is attributed to the development of resistance but there is also the selective pressure driving bait shyness or bait aversion, whereby cockroaches simply avoid baits. Either way, the effectiveness of baits is reduced. These are no longer a laboratory phenomena, with pest managers throughout Australia observing a reduction in gel performance under field conditions.

“In response to this need for an alternative, effective method of control, Sherwood Chemicals have developed Ultraforce Cockroach Powder,” said Mr Ralph.

Elton Ardene, Sherwood Chemicals Australian business manager continued, “Ultraforce Cockroach Powder has an ultra fine matrix as its carrier, which enables the fipronil to flow freely and with greater penetration into cracks and crevices – targeting cockroaches where they hide.

“Field trials carried out in Australia over the last two years support the findings of laboratory studies – that Ultraforce Cockroach Powder will provide astounding results on difficult to control populations of both German and American cockroaches. In all trials, Ultraforce Cockroach Powder has been shown to eliminate cockroach infestations within seven days of application.

“We believe Australian pest managers will be most impressed with the small amount of powder needed to control large infestations of cockroach. As a non-repellent formulation the product is also well suited to inclusion into an effective integrated pest management strategy.”

Sherwood Chemicals will be releasing more information on Ultraforce Cockroach Powder as the launch gets closer.