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Syngenta announces label extensions for two of Syngenta’s frontline products.

New label extensions for two of Syngenta’s professional pest management products have been given the green light from the APVMA, a result of the company’s investment in pest control research and development.

The APVMA has approved a label extension for Demand Insecticide, extending its use to include residual control on ornamental foliage and shrubs with reapplication intervals of no less than ten weeks.

Syngenta’s termiticide, Altriset, has also had the protection period on its label extended – it is now registered to deliver up to eight years’ protection from subterranean termite attack in areas south of the Tropic of Capricorn, and up to four years in areas north of the Tropic of Capricorn.

Dale Hudson, business manager of Professional Pest Management at Syngenta, said both label extensions will be of huge benefit to pest controllers. “The Demand label extension to include foliar applications provides an exciting opportunity for pest managers to offer additional services to their customers,” he said. “Similarly, achieving four and eight years on the Altriset label confirms the long-term efficacy of this great product for the control of many species of termites in Australia.”