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Pest managers looking to upskill in bird control can take advantage of the free nationwide seminars being offered by Pest IT. 

Pest IT has long established itself as one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of specialist bird management systems.

The company has focused on the development of pest bird-related quoting support, product design, materials supply and training. Over the past decade, training has been offered onsite to assist professionals with practical bird management installation skills, site assessment, project management and ultimately the completion of complex solutions.

Many of the standard approaches to bird management in Australia such as quoting templates, professional netting techniques, visual deterrents and bird shock systems to name but a few, have originated from Pest IT or its director Peter McCarthy.

Pest IT is expanding its training program in 2018, taking its expertise on the road. The company will share several new topics in a series of free seminars to be held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. The first in the series is New Innovations in Bird Management, outlining the launch of new technologies in ozone generation, bird lasers, hot wire and visual deterrents. Guest speakers include Riaan van Wyk (Eagle Eye, South Africa) and Brendon Spencer (Active Oxy, New Zealand) as well as Mr McCarthy.

One innovation to be discussed is the breakthrough in ozone generation for bird deterrence. The new ozone bird management system will be a game-changer in how professionals manage birds within commercial and industrial buildings. The ozone (O3) is generated in safe concentrations and will not only repel pest birds, but will stop birds entering through open roller shutters when installed correctly.

The latest in bird deterrence: the ozone generator

Some of the innovations discussed at the seminars will simply revolutionise bird management in Australia. For those professionals involved in bird management, this will be a must-attend event. The free seminars will run from 8am-12.30pm and seats will be limited.

New Innovations in Bird Management seminar schedule:

  • Monday July 23, Brisbane: Riverside Hotel, CBD
  • Wednesday July 25, Sydney: Bankstown Sports Club, Bankstown
  • Friday July 27, Melbourne: Bell City, Preston

For more details or to register to attend, pest managers should contact Pest IT.