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Albert Mucciarone of City and Inland Pest Control in Perth shares his experience of using Ensystex’s Ultrathor to treat a case of Coptotermes acinaciformis.

Established in 1972, City and Inland Pest Control in Perth has been owned by Albert Mucciarone since 2005. With more than 20 years’ professional expertise, Mr Mucciarone and his team have grown a successful business centred on quality and reliability. The company was recently contacted by the owners of a large home in Subiaco, WA, who needed help solving a serious and ongoing termite infestation that was slowly destroying their home.

The property was a double brick building on a concrete slab, which had been treated four years earlier by another pest control company. On inspection, Mr Mucciarone quickly found a heavy infestation of Coptotermes acinaciformis eating out the roof timbers. “As soon as I got up in the roof void the damage was evident. I could also see the timbers that had been replaced previously with treated pine, which showed how serious the attack had been in the past.”

It was evident this was a large and resilient colony. A thorough approach was needed to solve the problem and to ensure the termites would not return.

“We decided on a two-stage approach using Magnathor Magnetic to quickly eliminate the active termites, before protecting the premises with Ultrathor, a liquid soil treatment,” said Mr Mucciarone. “We have had consistently good results with both products.”

With the termites successfully eliminated from within the property with Magnathor, the Ultrathor Defence Zone was then carefully created around the exterior of the property.

Ultrathor water-based termiticide and insecticide contains Ensystex’s low-repellent fipronil, which is protected by 10 international patents. “Ensystex develops the highest quality formulations,” commented Steve Broadbent, Ensystex regional director. “Not only do we use our high-quality source of fipronil, but the formulation has been developed to ensure superior mixing, and our field trials continue to demonstrate that Ultrathor continues to work year after year.”

Field trials on Ultrathor are still going strong after eight years, demonstrating performance under different conditions against a wide range of termites.

“We find Ultrathor mixes well, which makes it easy to apply, and supported by the ongoing field trials, we have the confidence it will deliver lasting protection, even in our sandy soils,” said Mr Mucciarone.

Ensystex has also recently completed a range of new toxicology studies, in accord with OECD guidelines, on its latest formulation. The GHS Signal Heading is changed from ‘Harmful’ to ‘Warning’ and the potential health effects are updated to reflect the lower toxicology profiles. The studies show that Ultrathor is classified neither as a skin irritant (OECD 404) or an eye irritant (OECD 405), nor is it considered a skin sensitiser (OECD 406). Furthermore, the acute inhalation results show it is rated Category 4 under the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS 2017).

“It is reassuring to see Ensystex continue to invest in Ultrathor. From our perspective it was pleasing to note the improvements to the SDS, which reflected the reduced risk of the product, ensuring it is better for our team and our clients,” said Mr Mucciarone.

Years of successful field performance have given Ensystex the confidence to offer its Ultrasure $100,000 Termite Performance Warranty on Ultrathor liquid soil treatments – an eight-year performance warranty.

William Killen, Ensystex’s area manager for Western Australia highlighted that the Ultrasure warranty can provide pest managers with a competitive edge. “This is a very powerful sales tool to ensure professionals can ‘secure the sale’ in a competitive business environment, with a meaningful guarantee, fully underwritten by Ensystex.”

Ultrathor is also registered to control a range of nuisance insect pests, including ants and millipedes, “which is why it makes even more sense to make this my primary termiticide and insecticide,” concluded Mr Mucciarone.