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Category: PPM Pest E-News


WISHBONE SPIDER Wishbone spider image

They are easily mistaken for the funnel-web spider, mouse and even trapdoor spider. They are much more widespread than funnel-web spiders but not nearly as venomous. Would you be able to recognise a wishbone spider? (Image Credit: Cael David-Gallery, Aname comosa)   Common name: Wishbone spider Scientific name(s): Family Anamidae (part of the Family Nemesiidae until very recently).  Description: Wishbone spiders are easily confused for other mygalomorphs, including the funnel webs, mouse spiders, and various trapdoor spiders. Many wishbone spider species are […]


MANTIS OOTHECA Praying mantis image

Most people would recognise a praying mantis (although they can be hard to spot), but would you be able to identify a mantis egg case?   Common name:  Praying Mantis, also known as mantids Scientific name(s): Any insect in the Order Mantodea, with over 2,400 species in about 460 genera and 33 families. There are approximately 160 species known in Australia. Description: Praying mantises are well-known enough to need little description, and are named for their upright stance and folded grasping […]


BIRD MITES Red poultry mite image

These pests may be living under your very roof, but will only suck your blood out of desperation. Would you be able to identify a bird mite?   Common name:  Bird mite Common species in Australia include the tropical bird mite (AKA starling mite) and red poultry mite (AKA roost mite). Bird mites are sometimes mistakenly called bird lice (adult mites have eight legs, lice have six legs). Scientific name(s): Family Macronyssidae, including Ornithonyssus bursa (tropical bird mite) and Dermanyssidae, including […]


PESTECH 2021 – LOCATIONS & DATES Agserv logo image

  Agserv are pleased to announce the dates for Pestech 2021 – a chance to get out and meet fellow pest managers in person and pick up new information and skills to improve your business. Program details and registration information will be released shortly, but for now put these dates in your diary. NSW Sydney – Bankwest Stadium – 11-13 O’Connell Street, Parramatta. (Monday 16th August) Newcastle – Club Macquarie – 458 Lake Road, Argenton. (Tuesday 17th August) QLD Gold […]