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Category: Pest ID


FALSE WIDOW False widow spider image

They closely resemble, and are closely related, to the notorious black widow and redback spiders. They’re commonly found inside houses, which gives rise to another of their common names, the cupboard spider. Would you be able to recognise a false widow? Common name: False widow, cupboard spider, dark comb-footed spider, and brown house spider   Scientific name(s): Steatoda grossa, in the family Theridiidae Description: They are small spiders just over 1 cm in length. Females have black legs and a […]



Mealybugs are a common problem for gardeners. Also called unarmoured scale insects, their waxy cuticle and habit for hiding around the joins between stems and leaves make them difficult to control with insecticides. How would you control a mealybug infestation?


BLUE ANT Blue ant

Image credit: Canberra nature map under licence   These ground dwelling insects have a unique diet and distinctive appearance, and can be found in gardens across much of Australia. They can also deliver a very painful sting like their more notorious relatives. Could you identify a blue ‘ant’?