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Liphatech’s Maki range of rodenticides is the result of the company’s long-term investment in R&D and its commitment to listening to pest managers’ feedback.

Since the mid 1960s, Liphatech has specialised in rodent control. It first created the active ingredient chlorophacinone, then a decade later discovered bromadiolone, one of the world’s most widely used anticoagulant rodenticides. With over 45 years’ experience of developing its own active ingredients and bait formulas, Liphatech prides itself on creating baits that meet the needs of pest managers.

“Our Maki range of bromadiolone baits is a prime example of how Liphatech has listened to pest managers’ needs to deliver a solution to an ongoing issue,” said Gavin Wilson, technical and marketing manager for Liphatech in Australia and New Zealand.

Both Maki Original and Maki Wrapped contain 50ppm of single feed bromadiolone and the extruded block features added edges to encourage rodent gnawing behaviour. “The bait formulation has been designed to provide the best balance between attractiveness and longevity to reliably control rodent populations – even if maintenance services are scheduled several months apart,” said Mr Wilson.

Maki Original highly palatable extruded block has added edges to favour rodents’ gnawing behaviour. Additional benefits include its highly weather-resistant properties and ease of securing, which make Maki Original ideal for high humidity/damp environments and maintenance programs.

Maki Original extruded block

“Pest managers were facing issues of their baits being eaten by insects, slugs and snails. So we took our highly palatable bromadiolone extruded block, Maki Original, and wrapped it in a protective plastic sachet creating Maki Wrapped,” Mr Wilson explained. “In environments with high pressure from insects, slugs or snails, Maki Wrapped will last longer and allows pest managers to accurately report rodent activity.

“When using Maki Wrapped make sure to minimise tearing when securing the bait onto the bait station’s rods to ensure maximum protection against critters and slugs.”

Mr Wilson added, “As we all know, bait rotation is vital to avoid bait shyness, so if you haven’t yet tried Liphatech bromadiolone formulation in either Maki Original or Maki Wrapped, including it in your bait rotations will allow you to assess these benefits first hand.”