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Melissa Cameron reminds pest managers of the benefits of Adama’s Italian-made rodenticide, Rodex. 

Rodex rodent bait may be new to many pest managers, but in fact is has been established in the Australian market for nearly 20 years and has established a great reputation as a quick killing, palatable block.

Made by Adama in Italy, the Rodex block, has recently seen significant improvements in quality, palatability and performance.

Significant efforts have been made to further improve palatability and performance under tough environmental conditions. The new extruded blocks maintain their integrity in high moisture environments and have a high level of palatability even when there are alternative food sources in the area.

Additionally, the extruded block is so designed that they have distinct and prominent gnawing edges which encourages rodents to chew even when they are not hungry. As Rodex contains brodifacoum, the strongest anticoagulant on the market, such gnawing activity may also deliver a lethal dose.

Brodifacoum will kill a rodent within 3-5 days after consuming a lethal dose. On average a rat needs to consume around 1.3g of brodifacoum to die and a mouse only 0.2g to die. With a rat eating up to 50g of food a day and a mouse 5g, it is very easy for them to consume a lethal dose feeding on Rodex.

With a block of Rodex weighing 20g, it means that there is enough in each block to kill up to 100 mice and 10 rats, if they were only eating a lethal dose. Available in a new 10kg bucket which gives you 500 bait blocks per bucket, the performance of Rodex provides a cost efficient method of rapid population control.

Rodex will work effectively on all rodent pest species in Australia. However, it is important to remember the basics of rodent control.

To put in place a successful baiting program you must first eliminate, as far as is practicable, all alternative food sources. Bait stations should not exceed three metres apart between baits for mice, or nine metres for rats. Each station should contain at least two blocks of Rodex and should be refilled once consumed.

Rodex is registered for use in a wide range of building situations. Baits should be placed in sheltered positions near rodent entry points and other areas of rodent activity. Inspect blocks regularly and ensure sufficient are always available – remember rats will require larger quantities of bait than mice.

Rodex blocks are particularly useful in areas where baits deteriorate rapidly, such as damp areas, sub-floors and roof voids. The hole in the centre of the block will allow pinning or tying in position off the ground in very moist areas, or where rodents are climbing. Do not place blocks on or near exposed food or food utensils, food preparation areas or food storage areas and if possible always place bait inside a lockable bait station to prevent non-target access.

Melissa Cameron, Pest Market Development Manager, Adama