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Members of the Globe Pest Solutions team visit the US courtesy of Adama’s Warden Termiticide competition. 

In 2018 Adama held a competition for the termiticide product Warden with Adama’s distributor Globe Pest Solutions. The winners were those who achieved the largest growth in sales of Warden Termiticide in Australia.

The winners – Kevin Parsons (national operations and key account manager), Rick Szymanski (branch manager, Gold Coast, pictured above) and Garry English (branch manager, Sydney, pictured above) – were flown to Houston, Texas for a tour of the Adama/Control Solutions production site before travelling to Orlando, Florida for the 2018 PestWorld Conference held at the Walt Disney World Resort.

The Globe team spent the afternoon in Houston’s bayside suburb of Kemah before visiting the Control Solutions site, where they were shown around the facility. The visit included a tour of the new aerosol line and microencapsulation plant led by Chuck Sutton (director of operations) who impressed them with his knowledge and experience. Mr Parsons said that they “were very impressed by how modern and well organised the whole place was.” Howard Stoddard (operations manager) then took the Globe team on a stimulating visit of the NASA Space Centre.

Production line at Adama/Control Solutions manufacturing plant, USA

The next stop was Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida to attend the 2018 PestWorld conference and to meet with Marie Knox at the Control Solutions stand. Ms Knox (director of product development and regulatory) outlined the Adama/Control Solutions business model and its range of chemicals, explaining the company’s focus on combination chemistry, pressurised solutions and encapsulation technology. The Globe team also had the opportunity to meet with Mark Boyd (president of Control Solutions), one of the original owners of the business who continues to be a shareholder today.

The US trip also gave Globe Pest Solutions a preview of the pipeline of products expected from Adama in Australia over the coming years.