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Freezone offers a range of rodent solutions under the brand name Ratshot, which have been developed for the Australian market. 

Freezone Public Health Pty Ltd (Freezone) is a proudly Australian owned company experienced and dedicated to developing and marketing pest products that work, are cost effect and improve the way we live.

“Freezone currently offers a range of products to the agricultural industry. Our products have been developed with the best chemists, with a strong focus on science and produced using the best manufacturing facilities,” commented Craig Jephcott, director at Freezone.

“Freezone is now bringing the world class Ratshot range to the PCO market. The Ratshot range boasts a diverse choice of bait types including all weather wax blocks, a tasty paste in an edible ‘T-Bag’, pellets and grain bait. Most bait forms are available with one of two actives – difenacoum (blue label) and brodifacoum (red label), helping you to take true aim over your rat and mouse control programs.

Ratshot Blue (pictured above, right) uses the active difenacoum, and is Freezone’s active of choice. We believe difenacoum is the most targeted anti-coagulant currently on the market, with only very small amounts required to control rodents. However, it is far less toxic to pets such as dogs and non-target animals, making it an ideal choice for everyday baiting, especially for use in sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals and where wildlife might be present.

“In contrast, Ratshot Red (pictured above, left) is powered by the active brodifacoum, offering explosive rat and mouse killing power, offering rapid one feed kill – only 0.2g to kill mice and 1.4g to kill a rat. Ratshot Red teamed with Ratshot Locked Bait Stations is perfect for use in situations where fast acting knock-out of rodent populations is required, such as warehouses and offices.”

Both Ratshot Blue and Ratshot Red have been scientifically developed for fast rodent uptake and formulated to Australian conditions.

“The Ratshot paste used in both red and blue products is delivered in an edible T-bag. The paste is protein boosted and flavour enhanced to be highly attractive to rats and mice throughout their lifecycle. The paste bait is specifically designed for use where there are competing food sources such as in kitchens, restaurants and feed sheds.

“Ratshot Red and Blue all weather wax blocks use highly edible food wax and human food ingredients, providing an extremely durable bait for all-weather conditions, indoor or outdoors. This ready-to-use flavour boosted bait gives excellent control under a wide variety of environmental conditions. The blocks are easily securable which make them perfect for use in commercial situations.

“Ratshot Red One Shot Pellets are a mixture of preferred processed grains and flavour boosted with targeted enhancers, to maximise uptake and kill of rats and mice. The long lasting pellets are quite hard by design, as this makes them ideal for satisfying the gnawing habits of rodents. One Shot Pellets are great for burrow baiting.

“Our latest bait is Ratshot-G with difenacoum, which utilises quality Australian cracked wheat in a simple yet extremely effective and economical bait. Ideal for use around silos, feed sheds, chook pens, homes and anywhere where rodents are a problem on a large scale,” concluded Mr Jephcott.

Freezone are very focused on responsible baiting (to stop primary poisoning) and strongly recommend baits are used with one of their Ratshot lockable, high quality, compact and durable bait stations.

Freezone will be servicing the PCO market directly through eight warehouses across Australia: Brisbane, Sydney, Tamworth, Wagga Wagga, Melbourne, Shepparton, Adelaide and Perth.