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The Formitize report writing app offers pest managers a range of business efficiencies, including accurate termite reporting and new CRM capabilities. 

With the growing popularity of Formitize amongst pest control companies in Australia, we asked Matt Burge, Formitize CEO to provide an insight as to its success and capabilities.

“Most people assume that Formitize Pest Control App is an American product, but it was actually born and bred in Australia with both the technical support and development teams based in Sydney. The success is reflected in the fact that the software is now being used in more than twenty countries around the world,” commented Mr Burge.

Formitize Pest Control App was developed primarily as a system to convert paper forms into online forms and enhance their functionality, providing businesses with a better, more efficient reporting system, which ultimately improved compliance and profitability.

However, in addition to the main reporting capability, the Pest Control App has a range of other features including an integrated job scheduler and dispatcher, resource document management for storing read-only documents like MSDSs, safety policies, catalogues, product information sheets and more. The system monitors the expiry dates of the documents and notifies you when they are approaching their expiry date and much more.

But it is the termite reporting capability that often first draws customers to Formitize.

Powerful termite reporting technology

As termite detection technology continues to develop, it is important that the reporting capabilities for operators moves forward too. Pest managers are acutely aware that it is the paperwork associated with termite reporting that has long been a major issue.

Pest Control App delivers fully approved Australian pest and termite reports, which are accepted by all related insurance providers. Clients currently using Formitize range from the smallest of sole traders through to the largest pest control operators in the country.

The app enables inspectors to complete the full termite report in the field, with or without internet connection. Smart features include time and date stamping, GPS location, dropdowns and voice to text entry, advanced mud map drawing tool, integrated barcode scanning and photo capture with tagging.

If the inspector is satisfied that all elements are complete, the finished, compliant PDF report can be instantly generated with all photos, images and details populated, and automatically emailed to the client before the technician gets back to his vehicle. Alternatively, the report is sent back to the office via the secure Cloud Management Portal for checking and editing before forwarding to the client.

New CRM Module Release

Client demand has driven Formitize to add a new CRM module to the solution, which goes live in January.

“We are really excited about the new CRM module. So many of our users have said, if only you had a CRM to manage the customer details, we wouldn’t need anything else. Well, we finally gave in and it has been built from the ground up for pest managers and it has many great features to run the business, all fully integrated in the one solution,” said Mr Burge.

The CRM module features include a powerful template reminder solution to trigger different automated reminders to clients for different job types, delivered by email, SMS or letter. It will record all client communications and track phone calls made to customers with automated notes and task creation. It includes invoicing and expense systems with powerful integrations to accounting solutions like Xero. The CRM records all the job, form and report history for each client, stores agreements and manages the new enquiry and lead flow for new customers too with a powerful task management solution.

In summarising why he believed Formitize has had such an impact and continues to grow, Mr Burge said, “There are a number of factors that have to be right if you’re going to deliver a successful solution like Pest Control App; the product has to be easy to use and technically robust so that business users can rely on it all day, every day, it has to be well supported so that clients know they can speak to someone and have their questions answered in a friendly and professional manner, and it has to constantly improve and develop in line with both industry and technological advances. We work hard to tick all of these boxes every day.”

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