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Anticimex announces the addition of Amalgamated Pest Control to its business portfolio.

Anticimex, the world’s fourth largest pest control company, recently announced its acquisition of Amalgamated Pest Control.

Amalgamated is the third largest pest control company in Australia (behind Flick-Anticimex and Rentokil) and has been in the Australian market since 1923. The modern day company was formed in 1961, following the amalgamation of two family owned pest control businesses and provides high quality pest management services to both its commercial and residential clients.

In commenting on why Amalgamated chose Flick-Anticimex, Mick Farr, CEO and director of Amalgamated Pest Control, said “Two years ago our Board recognised that to remain competitive and to continue to grow our business, we needed new ideas, new energy and new investment to diversify, in order to meet future opportunities and challenges. And so began a process to meet with potential investors and other companies in our industry, both locally and overseas, to see if we could find an organisation that was like- minded, operationally a good fit, and most importantly, someone that would embrace the Amalgamated culture.

“Anticimex, a leading specialist in preventive pest control, stood well above the others and was our clear choice. They are committed to creating exciting new opportunities for our employees and our stakeholders while maintaining the focus on high quality services that our clients have come to expect.”

Jarl Dahlfors, CEO and President of Anticimex Group said, “Our vision is to be the global leader in preventive pest control. With the recently completed acquisition of Amalgamated we take another step towards reaching this goal.

Amalgamated is a great fit for us, and their company culture and ability to deliver high quality services aligns well with Anticimex’s customer offering.

“We will combine our joint experience with the latest pest control technology and become an even more attractive business partner in pest control. We welcome Mick and his team onboard and look forward to working with them on the continued growth of our Australian operations.”

Although comparative figures on the sizes of the leading pest businesses in Australia are not available, the acquisition of Amalgamated, Enviropest and a number of smaller pest control companies over the last 12 months, leaves Flick-Anticimex widely acknowledged as the largest pest control company in Australia.

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