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Elton Ardene of Sherwood Chemicals shares a Cairns pest manager’s experience of using Fipforce Aqua Termiticide.

There are a number of top quality pest control businesses operating in the northeast of Australia and one of the best is Cairns Termite Specialists, run by long-term local and termite guru John O’Grady. Mr O’Grady’s passion and years of experience in the pest control industry, in the north of Australia, has led him to believe that fipronil is the best termiticide to deal with the significant year round termite pressure in the region. Many rely on the excellent performance of the leading fipronil termiticide, but more recently Fipforce Aqua has also proven to deliver the results.

A chance encounter with John Ralph, Sherwood Chemicals’ general manager, in 2013 saw Mr O’Grady receive a bottle of Fipforce Aqua termiticide and insecticide to trial.

Sherwood Chemicals’ open door policy to pest managers demonstrates its confidence in producing quality formulations

Mr O’Grady recalled, “I was on a termite job and got a call from John Ralph to say he was in Cairns (again) and wanted to call in on the job and introduce himself. He was very polite and seemed very different to the other reps I had met over the years. His knowledge of formulation chemistry was what I remembered most, and the fact that he gave me a 2.5L bottle of fipronil to trial, with no pressure to commit to anything.”

Mr O’Grady’s long-term experience treating termite infestations with the leading fipronil product had delivered outstanding results at great value, meaning happy customers – he saw no need to change.

“I felt grateful for the bottle, but as I was comfortable with the product I was using at the time – a product I had trusted for years, I believed nothing could compare. I honestly did not have the faith to trial a new termiticide on one of my clients’ jobs, in particular in a region that experiences termite pressure 12 months of the year.

“So I used it on my own house, which was due for a retreat. I also had a severe ant problem in the backyard. As I poured the Fipforce Aqua from the tank the first thing I noticed is that it was a white liquid, different to my normal fipronil product. The product dispersed immediately in the water and did not foam excessively in the tank. 24 hours after treatment all the ants were gone, as I would expect with fipronil, so I immediately gained some confidence.

“The product was very blameless when left overnight in a tank. It remained stable and when the tank was pumped it left a clean tank – no residue was left behind in the tank or in the filters.

“The results I have achieved when using this product over the past three years (for example in the job pictured above) at the recommended rate, and to the Australian Standards, demonstrated to me that Sherwood Chemicals’ commitment to quality control and testing prior to releasing this product, was representative of a very meticulous industrialist. I cannot fault the cost against the results, when success is the prerequisite.

“Since being introduced to Sherwood Chemical products, I am delighted to advise that my experience expending these products has been tremendous and financially rewarding for my business and my customers,” concluded Mr O’Grady.

Sherwood Chemicals is the leading formulation specialist when it comes to suspension concentrates. Having the ability to develop and formulate products in-house, means that termite specialists like Mr O’Grady can have the confidence that Fipforce Aqua will deliver the required performance and offer great value for money. Pest managers don’t need to worry about the product – they can focus on the job and the client.

Elton Ardene, Manager QLD/NSW/VIC, Sherwood Chemicals