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Fipforce Aqua is now registered for use against ants.

Fipronil is not new to the professional pest industry, in fact fipronil was discovered and developed in the mid 80s by Rhône-Poulenc and placed on the market in 1993. This makes fipronil roughly 32 years old this year.

Fipronil was first developed and tested as a broad-spectrum insecticide on more than 250 insects and 60 crop variations world-wide. However, its effectiveness as an ant control solution comes down to its relatively slow mode of action (compared to pyrethroids) and the fact it affects the ants’ central nervous system at remarkably low doses. Of course, the social nature of ants helps spread the fipronil through the colony.

Sherwood are pleased to announce that Fipforce Aqua is now registered for use in ant control in exterior situations.

As a company that prides itself on being a formulation specialist, Sherwood Chemicals number one objective is to deliver consistent, high quality formulations. This expertise extends to our range of fipronil formulations; cockroach gels, dusts and liquids, such as Fipforce Aqua.

With its high quality formulation, Fipforce Aqua harnesses the power of fipronil to deliver excellent ant control. As with any treatment, correct application is still the key in controlling or eliminating the pest.

As with termites, the effectiveness of fipronil on ants will come down to the ‘numbers game’. The more foragers that pick up the insecticide, directly or indirectly, the greater the chances of colony collapse. With ant control it is vital that you identify the species, so you understand the potential population size and structure and try and locate the nest, to ensure you deliver an effective treatment.

Just remember, more is not necessarily better and Fipforce Aqua is highly effective, so always apply according to the product label.

Fipforce Aqua will deliver three months protection on exterior surfaces, longer on surfaces protected from sun and rain. For internal use Ultraforce Crawling Insect Powder, which also contains fipronil, to protect cracks, crevices and entry points.

Sherwood Chemicals only produce small batch sizes, allowing us to closely control the quality of our products. This ensures that our products perform in your tank – long suspensions times and no blocked filters – as well as on treated surfaces. Our quality guarantee can be viewed on our website.