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Jason Roe of Customised Pest Control in Cairns explains why the Ensystex early monitoring system for bed bugs works so well for his clients.

The Ensystex Environmental Room Monitoring System (ERMS) provides a proven system for the early detection of bed bugs, and better still, a great new revenue stream for professional pest managers looking to grow their businesses with a valuable new offering to their clients in the hospitality industry.

Regional director, Steve Broadbent, explained, “The Environmental Room Monitoring System has been designed and developed in the field, and proven in more than 29,000 cases of bed bug infestations in Europe and the USA. It is sensitively customer branded and many thousands of them already go unnoticed in hotels, hostels and halls of residence overseas.

“It is a unique concept since it is a system in which the professional pest manager forms a partnership with their client, e.g. a hotel, hostel, cinema, etc. to combat the risk of bed bugs. Optimal results are delivered through the provision of an early warning system to indicate the presence of bed bugs, leading to lower guest complaints, so businesses can better protect their reputation.”

One of the early adopters in Australia was Jason Roe of Customised Pest Control in Cairns (main picture, above). “I have always been impressed by the quality of Ensystex’s products and the great support I get from their team. Ensystex are an innovative company and when Paul Greig presented the Environmental Room Monitoring System to me, I was pleased to give it a go, knowing I can trust Ensystex,” said Mr Roe.

“We have a very personalised client base who rely on us to deliver a quality service and help them protect their businesses from the effects of pests. Cairns is a big holiday destination with tourists and back-packers arriving daily from all around the world. Customised Pest Control services several small to mid-size motels. We have always been concerned at the potential for business disruption and loss that a bed bug infestation could cause for our client base since, prior to ERMS, there wasn’t a true bed bug monitor system available.

“We purchased ERMS when it was first released and just serviced a small section of a motel where bed bug issues had previously been reported. After just four weeks, it was well and truly indicated by the monitors that bed bugs were a concern, even though inspections had not located any bugs and there had not yet been any guest complaints.

“Due to the overwhelming success of the Environmental Room Monitoring System, this motel has now ordered another 85, to ensure every room is protected. Any initial scepticism has been completely erased, and I am convinced we finally have a truly professional early-warning bed bug monitoring system available. Certainly one that we can rely on and take to other hotels and motels in the region,” concluded Mr Roe.

Bed bug spotting is easily visible on the white skirt of the patented Ensystex Passive Monitor

“At the heart of the system is a very simple device, Ensystex’s patented Passive Bed Bug Monitor, that is simply placed at the head end of each bed. To a bed bug, the Passive Monitor provides the ideal living accommodation for it to hide in and  digest its meal. More importantly though, it is designed so that bed bugs defecate before they enter the Monitor, thus providing early evidence of an infestation, which is easily visible on the white skirt at the base of the Monitor,” explained Mr Broadbent.

“Complementing the Passive Monitor are the training programs and technical manual provided by Ensystex to ensure everyone knows what is involved to produce the required results. At a cost of less than seven cents a day per room, ERMS provides a low cost early warning system for hotels that can save them big time, by avoiding serious bed bug issues. And with the prevalence of bed bugs on the increase, it promises to be a real winner!”