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When faced with significant construction challenges, Sentricon AlwaysActive is often the only suitable choice of termite management system.

CodeMark-accredited Sentricon AlwaysActive is registered for use in pre-construction as a termite management system. Although it can be used in every construction situation, it is often the product of choice in sensitive locations, perhaps due to a site’s proximity to animals, children or bodies of water. It is also highly suited to sites with difficult topography or where an unusual building footprint is planned. Due to its unique characteristics, Sentricon AlwaysActive is sometimes the only choice.

Ross Jackson, a Victorian and Queensland builder, faced this situation when he was building on a steep slope over multiple levels. “I was building on a very steep block of land where the house had a series of block retaining walls that been back-filled against, with strip footings butted up against that retaining wall, which continued on up the hill to the next stage,” explained Mr Jackson.

“Due to the design of building, it really made other termite management systems impossible to use. I couldn’t use a drip system as it would have dripped down into the ag pipe at the base of the retaining walls, which isn’t acceptable. The other option was to paint a termiticide membrane or use a termiticide blanket, but the issue with these is that where the strip footings butt into the retaining wall, it creates a break in the membrane or blanket, where termites could enter. It just seemed that there were major issues with every termite management system.”

Having recently moved to Queensland, and with the latest changes to the Australian Standards, Mr Jackson found himself having to learn a new set of rules. He spoke with numerous pest control companies before finding one that he felt he could work with. “The pest manager mentioned that he had recently heard of the Sentricon system, which ended up being a very simple and pain-free solution to all of the issues,” he said.

With Sentricon AlwaysActive in place, Mr Jackson continued the build with confidence. “Or so I thought! When I got my final inspection, the building certifier refused to accept the form 16 that the pest control manager had supplied, as he had never heard of Sentricon AlwaysActive before. It wasn’t until I forwarded the CodeMark certificate on to him that he was prepared to sign off and give me the Certificate of Occupancy. At that stage, I was extremely relieved,” said Mr Jackson.


The angle of the wooden fencing shows the steep incline of the block of land


The building certifier confided to Mr Jackson that he had failed more than 20 builds in the area on account of builders providing inadequate termite management systems. Mr Jackson quickly advised his pest manager that there was a whole market waiting to be capitalised on.

As Sentricon AlwaysActive can be installed at any stage during the build, and can be altered after installation, it is incredibly flexible for builders to accommodate in their building schedule, where every minute impacts their profit. Should any station be damaged during construction, that station can easily be replaced, without compromising the termite protection of the building. As Sentricon AlwaysActive is a termiticide rod, it poses no risk to construction workers, landscapers, homeowners, their children or pets.

“The logic of Sentricon AlwaysActive sounds brilliant and it was a lot cheaper than the other systems I first looked at. In this case, it was a dream come true,” explained Mr Jackson.

“I’ve actually just bought another block of land, I’m about to start building another place. It’s on another steep block of land unfortunately, so it’s going to have exactly the same set of issues and so I will use Sentricon AlwaysActive again. As far as I know, it is the only system that will properly deal with these issues.”