Sherwood Chemicals announces a new line of fipronil-based products designed for use in the toughest commercial accounts. 

Sometimes you can have too much choice. With a myriad of pest control options on the market, it’s hard to know which ones to choose. For pest managers dealing with commercial accounts, a new product range has been developed which aims to make the decision a little easier.

Sherwood Chemicals have released Clearout, a new commercial product range providing pest managers with the key tools required to carry out a commercial pest treatment.

“Our customers regularly tell us they want products that make their job easier. Ideally, that would be one product for all jobs, but of course that’s not possible,” Sherwood business development manager, Elton Arderne, explained.

“In most cases, a number of different products are required to deliver a quality pest management program, especially in managing commercial accounts, which is why we are launching a range of products under the Clearout brand, providing pest managers with all the products they need to carry out a commercial pest treatment.”

According to Mr Arderne, the new Clearout range is based on the non-repellent properties of fipronil and consists of a cockroach gel, a crack and crevice aerosol and a dustable powder. The range will allow pest managers to treat key pests, especially cockroaches and ants, in a range of locations within commercial accounts.

“The Clearout aerosol provides pest managers with a non-repellent crack and crevice option and is ideal for quick treatments or where discretion is important, as you often don’t want to be seen carrying spray equipment around the site,” Mr Arderne explained. “The dustable powder is perfect for treating electrical areas that are common in commercial accounts.

With pesticides a no-go treatment option around drains, which are a major pest breeding site, Sherwood’s new Clearout drain cleaner, containing a novel probiotic foam aerosol formulation, is the ideal inclusion in the pest manager’s arsenal, according to Mr Arderne.

“The Clearout commercial solution has taken five years to develop and bring to market,” said Mr Arderne. “It’s a perfect example of the benefits that come from Sherwood Chemicals focusing specifically on the professional pest control market. We listen to what the industry want and we deliver solutions to meet their requirements.”

Sherwood’s Clearout cockroach gel is already on the market and according to Mr Arderne, customer feedback of the non-runny, cost effective gel bait, has been positive. The two other Clearout products are due to be launched at the AEPMA conference next month. The new range will be available from all major distributors – Agserv, Garrards and Globe.

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