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WA pest manager Nick Bilesouris shares his experience of using Sherwood Chemicals’ range of termiticide products. 

Champion Pest Control is a Western Australian, family-owned and run company established in 1972. The directors have guided its progress and grown it into one of the most diverse pest control companies in the industry. Champion provide services throughout Perth, and are contracted to local government organisations such as schools and police stations, major construction companies, home builders, real estate companies, the hospitality industry, hospitals, the commercial and industrial sector, residential homes, and body corporates.

“In 2009 we were asked to trial Biforce Aqua Termiticide and Insecticide as our pre-construction termiticide barrier and general pest chemical. From what I am told we were the first company to do so in Australia,” said Nick Bilesouris, manager of Champion Pest Control (pictured above, far left). “As a result of the trials we immediately switched all of our pre-construction termite treatment and general pest spider sprays over to Biforce Aqua. Based on the results over the past six years, which includes more than 20,000 treated homes, we are very happy with the decision, and continue to use Biforce Aqua today.

“As a company that prides itself on organic growth through word of mouth and repeat business, we believe business is pretty simple. We are paid to provide a service to solve our customer’s problems or concerns and this service has a ‘fair value’. It is fair to say that this is what we look for from a supplier, and have found from Sherwood. Consistent quality chemicals are available when we need them, at a fair price, together with consistent product support. In addition we know that we are investing in our future as Sherwood are listening to what we want for our business. We are pleased to know that Biforce Aqua 200SC, a double strength version of the Biforce Aqua, was brought to the market in 2012 as a direct result of our feedback.

“Based on the results of Biforce Aqua it was a ‘no brainer’ for us to switch over to Fipforce Aqua in 2012 as our problem solving termiticide when this became available. Based on the large volume of Fipforce Aqua required for termite treatments, we have definitely received great value for our business knowing that we have not cut our costs at the expense of quality, but because we have found a viable alternative that offers better value,” said Mr Bilesouris.

“What we get from Sherwood is a commitment to consistent quality in that all products are formulated to an international ISO standard. They have certainly set a new benchmark in the supply of water-based formulations for others in the industry to follow.