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A major player in the agribusiness industry, Adama brings its US-based pest control expertise to Australia.

Warden residual termiticide from Adama has been in the market nearly five years, but is still a new name for many pest managers.

“It has quietly been making a name for itself,” commented Peter Kirby, Adama national manager for Professional and Consumer products. “When our customers first try Warden, they tend to be wary, as many are of any new product, although after use they are more than pleased by the quality and the results. Given the heritage and experience of Adama, it really shouldn’t be a surprise.”

Adama is the world’s fifth largest agrochemical company and a major global manufacturer and supplier of crop protection solutions. Adama manufactures more active ingredients than anyone in the world. With over 300 actives in its portfolio, Adama’s researchers are not tied to any one technology – they have the freedom to use the best active ingredients to meet any market need. This flexibility results in Adama’s hybrid portfolio. On one hand is a range of solid performing, value-based products; and on the other, innovative combination products developed to suit a particular niche.

The Adama family of companies includes Control Solutions Inc., a US-based subsidiary, with nearly 60 years’ experience in pest control and product development. Coupled with access to the Adama range of actives, Adama in Australia has all the tools to launch high quality pest control products.

When Warden termiticide was released into the Australian market, it had undergone extensive global research and development programs prior to commercial release. As well as being rigorously trialled by the experts in the US, Warden was extensively tested in local conditions in Australia to ensure that it would stand up to our varied soil and climatic conditions.

Adama’s Warden termiticide

The Warden formulation was developed by Peter Vaughan, a formulation and quality control chemist with more than 20 years’ research and development experience. It is a suspension concentrate formulation of fipronil at 100g/L that is highly effective against a variety of subterranean termites including species of Coptotermes, Mastotermes and Schedorhinotermes, and provides eight years’ protection.

When developing the Warden formulation, Mr Vaughan had the benefit of using the latest in formulation stabilisation, micronisation and adjuvant technology. “By using the right combination of adjuvants, the formulation is easy to mix and both penetrates and then binds to the soil, to create both a continuous and long-lasting treated zone,” remarked Mr Vaughan.

Warden termiticide, along with Rodex rodenticide and Pestex fumigation tablets form part of the growing Adama range. “All our products are created based on our customer-centric approach to product development. We listen to what our customers need, then develop products to match. Expect more products from Adama over the next 18 months,” concluded Mr Kirby.